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Baby’s Nutrition Inquisition by author Joshua Chavez

Book: Baby’s Nutrition Inquisition Author: Joshua Chavez Available On: Amazon Language: English Rating: 5/5 “Baby’s Nutrition Inquisition” is an interesting children’s book penned by Joshua Chavez. Story focuses on encouraging kids to have healthy eating habits. The author has included various examples like carrots are good for eyes and honey helps to cure cough. Give …

Dexter’s Yellow Spots by author Rebecca Watson

Book: Dexter’s Yellow Spots Author: Rebecca Watson Available On: Amazon Language: English Rating: 5/5 Dexter’s Yellow Spots is a Children’s book written by the author Rebecca Watson and illustrated by Innoenhance. This is the story of a little yard ant Dexter who has recently returned from his ant training. Dexter is excited to start his …

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