Book Review: Urban Xcellence

Book: Urban Xcellence

Author: Malcom X Bowser

Publisher: Bookbaby

My Rating: 4.5/5

Urban Xcellence by author Malcom X Bowser is what I wanna read since long and now I have finished reading it, have to say author have done commendable job in writing it down so beautifully.

A whole new way to see the things around and never doubt yourself, always look forward, define your own path and keep going strong in life to achieve your goals. This book is priceless as there is a lot more to learn from it, life changing thoughts and implementing in life can make you a successful person.

Totally loved to see the different mindset of different people in order to achieve the success, everyone followed their own path and that makes me realize that I should have my own definition of Xcellence.

Overall a book full of knowledge, motivation, perfect examples etc.. makes it worth to read for sure. So, give it a try and you will going to love this book. I am really impressed.

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