Rhythm Roger by Himanshu Rai

Book: Rhythm Roger

Author: Himanshu Rai

My Rating: 5/5

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Invincible Publishers

Rhythm Roger is the first book that I have read written by the author Himanshu Rai. He had written other books as well earlier but being a fantasy lover, this one caught my attention.

The story features Rhythm who is an engineer in the human world. But in the Virtual World known as the Electon World, he is the son of a queen Alagon. This Electon World was created by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz when he discovered electromagnetic waves. It cannot be seen or felt by humans.

In the world of Electon, there is so much to discover by Rhythm and so by us along with his journey. I really appreciate the vivid imagination of Himanshu to create the Electon World. The story is intriguing and that makes it an unputdownable book.

Cover of the book is eye catchy and the title is apt. I was really enthralled to read this book. I am gonna read more work by the author.

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