Book Review: Once There Was Me

• Book: Once There Was Me
• Author: Bobby Sachdeva
• Format: Paperback
• Pages: 427

Once There Was Me is a book by the author and story teller Bobby Sachdeva. In this book, we get to know about the painful past when lots of people got penniless and homeless due to India-Pakistan partition. People had to abandon everything and move to their respective countries based on their religion.

Another tragic incident happened in 1984 when our former Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh guards. In Delhi, the bloodthirsty mob started knocking every Sikh house’s door to kill Sikhs or burn them alive. Bobby and his family survived this incident luckily.

Later Bobby went to America and China to earn money but all went in vain. He even started questioning the role of religion in our lives. Read this story that is a personal experience of the author itself.

The book is written well with a lucid language. The narration is clear and smooth. I would recommend this book to everyone to read it atleast once to enrich your knowledge about our country history.

My Rating: 4/5

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