The brave and the wicked by Brandon Clarke

Book: The brave and the wicked

Author: Brandon Clarke

Pages: 296

Format: Ebook

My Rating: 4.5/5

The brave and the wicked is the first book by the author Brandon Clarke that I’ve read. This is Volume 1 in the “Dark mysteries of the paranormal Saga“. This is the story about a powerful and confident witch Jennifer(who was battling with cancer) and her daughter Jade. During her last days, Jennifer told her daughter about an ancient box that needs to be protected after her and she especially mentioned that don’t let it be in the hands of uncle Fred.

Jade Summers, the daughter of Jennifer has no parent now. Her boyfriend Grayson support her in her journey. Her uncle Fred was a very rich man but his intentions weren’t that good. He had a fight with Jennifer over an ancient box earlier. What is there in the ancient box? What was Fred’s intention’s behind getting this box.

This book is full of paranormal elements. The story got quite interesting when Jade got to know that she is a witch. The twists and turns in the story will keep you hooked. It is really an interesting story that kept me going till the end. The plot of the story is built nicely. I am gonna read the sequel of this now as I couldn’t wait at all.

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