Gift of the Shaper by D.L. Jennings

Book: Gift Of the Shaper

Author: D.L. Jennings

Format: Kindle

Rating: 4.5/5

Gift of the Shaper is the first book in the HIGHGLADE series written by the author D.L. Jennings. It is the debut work of the author.

The main characters are Olson, his son Thornton Woods and Thornton’s childhood friend Miera. Olson got kidnapped. Thornton and Miera went in search for Olson. Ynara and Kethras joined them on the way to help Thornton in finding Olson. This adventurous journey to find Olson is not that easy. Grab a copy of this book and read the story to know will Thornton be successful in getting his father back.

 With fifty six chapters in total, it was a long read but definitely worth my time. Story has action, mystery, adventures that makes it an enjoyable read. The world building is amazing.

The storyline is so intriguing that I binge read it. The character development is amazing. 
I recommend this book to my fellow readers for a fantasy adventurous reading. It is a fast paced and action packed story.

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Gift of the Shaper: Book One of the HIGHGLADE Series

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