Book Review: It’s In You: A book for big dreamers

Book: It’s in You

Author: Sharifa Anozie

Illustrated By: Claudio Espinosa

Format: Kindle

Rating: 5/5

I love to read books based on dreams as they motivate me. It’s in You is a book for dreamers. It is a fantasy story. 

The main characters of the story is a helpful girl Ella and a caterpillar Patch. One day Ella asked Patch what did he want to be when he grow up? To this, Patch replied that he want to fly so high that he can touch the sky. Ella started thinking of all possible ways to help Patch whereas others doubted him. 

I learnt a message from this book to be with those who help us to achieve our dreams. If someone doubt us, then let them do. I really liked Ella’s character as there are very few people who actually help us. 

This story is written and narrated well. Illustrator Claudio Espinosa has done a fantastic job with eye catchy illustrations. This book stands out overall and doesn’t deserve less than five stars. This is one of the best children’s book that I have read till now.

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It’s In You

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