Book Endings by author Syntell Smith

Book: Book Endings

Author: Syntell Smith

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 4.5/5

Book Endings is the second book in the Call Numbers series by the author Syntell Smith. The protagonist of the story is Robin Walker. He is a full time college student and a part time library clerk. Story starts with Robin’s grandfather lying on the floor. He called 911 for an ambulance. When Robin’s grandfather was in ICU at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, he got to know that his grandfather has only four-six weeks time.

As the story progresses, Robin started dating a beautiful lady Shinju Hasegawa. They started meeting each other in Coffee Shop, Robin even organized the flower arrangements for her. Read the story yourself to know how their chemistry will be. Also, you might be wondering what happened to his grandfather. Get to know yourself.

There is much development in the character of Robin Walker. Title of the book is apt. Cover is nice. Narration is smooth and the story is intriguing. Robin’s character has been perfectly penned down by the author. I enjoyed every bit of this story. Library Terminology Glossary was really helpful. Looking forward to read more books by Syntell.

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Book Endings

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