Interview with author Corey Anne Abreau

Book: Before I was Born

Book: Socks

Author: Corey Anne Abreau

Q1.  Hello Ma’am, can you please introduce yourself? Readers would love to know more about you.

My name is Corey Anne Abreau, I am a children’s book author of Before I Was Born & Socks. I am a mother to two boys, originally from Rhode Island, but currently live in North Attleboro Massachusetts. I enjoy reading, writing, and spending time with my children, my family and friends.

Q2.  What were the key challenges you faced while writing ‘Before I Was Born’ book?

I do not feel I had any challenges writing Before I Was Born. This book actually flowed right out of me. I wrote it while I was pregnant with my second child and it just felt natural and right to get it all onto paper. I would write at night when it was quiet and when I was in bed. It was relaxing and fun to write about the perfect little baby growing inside of me.
Once the book was written I had to find an illustrator and searched online for one. It took a bit of time but I ended up clicking really well with this one woman. She did a fabulous job with the illustrations. It worked out really great.

Q3. What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

I love all the Dr. Seuss books. I love rhyming books and cute and fun children’s books that make you feel good and smile.
Green Eggs & Ham is one of my favorites.
I also follow Jeff Kinney – Author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
My oldest son used to read his books and watch the movies. I love how motivated the author  is and how he has a series of books out. It makes me want to write and have a series out too! I have a ways to go to be like him but it is something to strive for.
Just have to keep on writing!

Q4. What’s your favourite spot to visit in your own country? And what makes it so special to you?

I love to go to Chase Farm in Lincoln RI. It is absolutely beautiful and so very peaceful. You can take a nice walk, go for a hike, or just sit and relax and enjoy the scenery. People fly kites, take their pets for a walk or just sit out on a blanket and have a picnic.
This place is special to me because I grew up in Rhode Island and consider myself a RI girl. I find myself going back there often.

Q5. Is there lots to do before you drive in and start writing a book?

For me, writing is fun and very enjoyable. I write about all types of things. Sometimes my feelings, sometimes a note to my children, or short stories for children.
I love writing for children mostly and love seeing a child enjoying my books. My children are my inspiration and motivation. My youngest is what I tend to write about most and then I  include my oldest son in the illustrations.
Sometimes a little bit of research is needed when writing but other than that it mostly comes from within. Whenever I feel like writing I just sit down at my computer and let it all flow out of me.

Q6. How long did it take you to write ‘Socks’ book?

Socks took me one day to write. I remember the exact day. I was sitting on my couch watching my son play with his socks and just went with it. I knew exactly what I wanted to say and how I wanted the book to look. I had this idea in my head and after it was written I  took a ton of photos of him playing  and created a presentation for my illustrator so she knew what to draw. We worked really great together and my illustrator did an amazing job. The little boy looks alot like my son. I was very happy with the end result.

Q7. On what all platforms readers can find your books to buy?

Both of my books can be found on my website
or on Amazon
Before I Was Born:

Q8. Tell us about the process of coming up with the cover and the title of your books?

It was just a vision I had for both of my books!
Before I Was Born was the perfect title for my first book as it explains what is happening inside mommy’s belly during the 9 months of pregnancy.
Socks was all about socks so I felt that was the way to go!
Both covers were photos that were taken at one point and I felt they just fit perfectly for the cover.

Q9. When writing a book how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

I enjoy cute and fun short stories and anything that makes you smile.
My first book was a bit more serious but the second was fun and silly. That is what I was going for.
I hope to write more and continue writing fun and exciting stores for children to enjoy.

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