Interview with author R.V. Reed

Book: The Foretold Story

Q1. Hello Ma’am, can you please introduce yourself? Readers would love to know more about you.

My name is Katia. I am a multi-artist who creates all kinds of art in a vast array of different mediums. Some of what I do is classical, and modern art, animation, filmmaking that includes all pre and post production along with acting and directing. I am a Graphic Designer, and a writer which includes screenplays and books. I like to create when and however I want. That’s me. An all-around layered Artist. I also hold a BFA in animation.

Q2. What were the key challenges you faced while writing ‘The Foretold Story ’ book?

My key challenge I would say was the CONFIDENCE to finish it. That was the biggest challenge for me in the midst of navigating the curveballs life kept throwing at me while writing The Foretold Story. At times I felt like giving up but with encouragement from others, I kept writing and creating regardless.  

Q3. What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

I would say I am inspired by many things not limited to books. I am inspired by George Lucas’s original Star Wars Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy X, The Legend of Zelda, The five People you meet on the Way to Heaven by Mitch Album to name a few. But at the end of the day, I am my own writer. I break rules and write in my own style with some imperfections.

Q4. What’s your favorite spot to visit in your own country? And what makes it so special to you?

There’s this one place I refer to as the hidden jewel of America located in the USA, Maine along the ocean. It’s special because of the unique experiences I have when I’m there. I find tons of sea glass and treasure gifts from the sea. I even found an alien looking rock once at this hidden jewel place but gave it to an eco-artist who smashed it up and put it in his painting. I’ve seen the heavens in its full glory with God’s brush strokes painting his canvas in the sky among his sea of stars. I’ve even seen shooting stars reflect off the gentle waves crashing to the shore line on a full moon’s night. And of course the fishermen’s boats going out to sea beyond the abandoned lighthouses. The list is endless.

Q5. Is there lots to do before you dive in and start writing a book?

Yes. I need a hot cup of Japanese green tea with sliced ginger and lemon with honey or agave in it. I like other teas also but Japanese green tea is my favorite. Or a nice cup of chai tea latte. I need those in place before I start writing. I also have my favorite composer playing in the background, Ivan Torrent. I have my Legend of Zelda Art book nearby and my Star Wars 1980’s tee-shirt on. And of course I have my jar of blue topaz that my nephew gave me and some sea glass and shells. My most beautiful rock and my own artwork around with my handy “PB, The Angry Paper Bag” pin. PB is the mascot and stamp of all my art. He’s a paper bag who is bitter because he experienced trauma and was thrown away. He gets recycled and begins his new life however, has deep and unresolved anger spanning from his past trauma. So in this new life, he now starts to heal and learn how to control his emotions. So yup. Once he’s in place on my desk, I say a prayer and begin my work.

Q6. How long did it take you to write ‘The Foretold Story’ book?

19 years.

Q7. On what all platforms readers can find ‘The Foretold Story’ book to buy?

It’s available at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Amazon, and even Walmart LOL. You can also visit which provides more information on the book series as well as all social media and contact.

Q8. Tell us about the process of coming up with the book cover and the title ‘The Foretold Story’?

I wanted to create something that tells the story, transferring it into a single image and powerful image. Color scheming and composition was important to me. When creating anything, it’s one of the first things I do. It’s where the eye travels within the image. I also picked the important elements from my story and incorporated them into the cover. Elements such as the ethereal sky and moon along the New York City skyline. I chose nightfall because the supernatural elements mostly take place in the night. The moon is often referenced throughout the story so I made sure to incorporate it into the cover. Even the colors of the letters go with the main themes of the book. Especially for the main character, Midas Aurulien, the one with the golden touch. And with that, my cover was born.  

Q9. When writing a book how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

MY LIFE! My life and its continuing strange events intertwined with interesting characters that follow me even now, keeps things fresh. The dreams I dream in the night along with the open visions of the day also keep things fresh. And also a walk in nature away from everything keeps things fresh. This is why I keep a sketchbook with me at all times, because there are so many fresh things to keep logged. I doubt I will get to every idea in my lifetime.

Q10. Are there any secrets from the book (that aren’t in the blurb), you can share with your readers?

Joyce thinks she’s an only child and grew up believing that however, her father is hiding a secret from her and her mother.

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The Foretold Story

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