Searching For Sarah by author Phillip Vega

Book: Searching For Sarah

Author: Phillip Vega

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“Searching For Sarah” written by the author Phillip Vega is a great fiction/LGBTQ novel. Tom was in the middle of a conference call when he received a phone call from Detective Skaryd informing him that his sister Nina Ruiz is dead. Tom’s world turned upside down immediately. He reached to his sister’s condo in Clearwater. Soon, Tom’s wife Gabi also joined him.

When Tom and Gabi went to meet Nina’s attorney for the will, Tom found out that Nina wanted her funeral to be out of the box. She wanted Tom to execute her funeral with a woman named Sarah. By reading Nina’s journal entries, Tom realized that he didn’t know his sister that much even though he was under the impression that they share everything.

Grab a copy of this novel and find out who Sarah is? Will Tom be able to find her? Language of the book is simple and I enjoyed reading it. Since the novel has some journal entries, I enjoyed it even more. This is a great story for light reading. After a long time I have got hands on an amazing story.

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Searching For Sarah

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