All That Lingers by author Irene Wittig

Book: All That Lingers

Author: Irene Wittig

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

All That Lingers penned by the author Irene Wittig is a powerful story that moves from 1934 to 1961. Story started with three characters: Emma Huber, Greta Bruckner, and Léonie Salzmann who have been good friends since long time. As the story progresses, we get to meet many other important characters. In this story, we see Emma going through different situations involving love, loss, sadness, heartache, etc.

Emma who has lost many of her people stayed sad for a longer time. But she was kind enough to help Hannah and Sophie. Emma’s character caught all my attention in this story.

List of characters given at the beginning of the book helped me to get a better idea about the characters. Cover photo of the book looks nice. Plot of the story is amazing. Length of the novel is longer so this book is suitable for weekend binge reading. If you enjoy reading novels with vast characters, historical fiction then this one may fit your taste. Set in Vienna this story hooked me to it.

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All That Lingers

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