The Adventures of RiRi: Stars Stars by author Darius Good

Book: The Adventures of RiRi: Stars Stars

Author: Darius Good

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“The Adventures of RiRi: Stars Stars” is a children’s book written by the author Darius Good. This book is the first installment in “The Adventures of RiRi” series.

It is a tale of a little girl who is curious to know where the Stars go during the day? Give a quick read to the story to know did the stars turn out their light in the night to shine brightly? It’s a perfect bedtime story that children will enjoy for sure.

The story very well captures the imagination of little ones. Visuals used in this book are eye catchy. The story is fast paced and exciting. It’s an adorable book and I like to recommend this book strongly for little readers.

Brilliant story, great pictures hooked me from start to finish. This book would be a lovely addition to any children’s bookshelf.

Author’s Profile

Book Is Available On Amazon

The Adventures of RiRi: Stars Stars

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