Crucible of Fear by author D.W. Whitlock

Book: Crucible of Fear

Author: D.W. Whitlock

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

Crucible of Fear is a nail-biting and unputdownable thriller by Whitlock. Protagonist of the story is Dante Ellis. He is a single father to his daughter Abigail. Life was going fine and one day it turned upside down. Dante became the target of ruthless hacker Dark Messiah. Dante who is unaware what is the motive of perpetrator kept on wondering about stuffs. But Dante soon has to take a step as his daughter’s life is in danger now.

The faceless antagonist seems evil. Plot keeps on moving between Dante and Dark Messiah. However story has some subplots as well. Whitlock has done great development with characters. Dante Ellis character is my favorite from the story. This novels sheds a light on the disadvantages of living in a high technology world where becoming a victim of cyber crime is very easy. Pace of the story is fine. It wasn’t too slow or too rushed. Narration is smooth. This book is recommended for avid readers.

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Crucible of Fear

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