Abby Dreams of Food by author Beatriz Fabrega

Book: Abby Dreams of Food

Author: Beatriz Fabrega

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

Practice makes perfect is the core of the story “Abby Dreams of Food” which is written by Beatriz Fabrega and illustrated by Danielle Fabrega.

Story features a little girl Abby who is very fond of food. Everyday she is excited to know what is she going to eat today. Abby’s mom is a chef and she is always keen to help her mom in the kitchen. She tries and tries but do blunder several times. Grab a copy of this book to know will Abby also learn to cook yummy food just like her mommy?

This is a great story that teaches kids to never give up and try hard to learn the things they love. The way author has presented this story is quite impressive. Illustrations are awesome and has won my heart. This book could be included in school moral values classes. Great little cookbook for the little ones!

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Abby Dreams of Food

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