Dream Recurring by author Mark Canniff

Book: Dream Recurring

Author: Mark Canniff

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 4/5

Dream Recurring penned by the author Mark Canniff is a paranormal fiction. Story is set in a small town called Island River. There are two main characters in this story: Lucy Blakely and Samantha Howard. Both Lucy and Sam are good friends and love each other like sisters. They do a business as a Psychic/Medium and have uncovered most of the part of Island River.

Whenever they work on investigating any case as paranormal investigators, they keep the identity of their clients as hidden. Recently they have received a case where they have named their clients as Liz, Peter and the kids as Luke and Tina to protect their identity. Liz was the first to experience the occurrences. Sam and Lucy went to the house to investigate. They set up cameras and devices to track the ghost. When they heard a thump later, they discovered about a woman Katheryn. Grab a copy of this novel and find out yourself what happens next.

This book reminded me of the movie Conjuring that had paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine. I read this novel after midnight and the story is spooky. I have to sleep with lights on. Cover photo of the book is well designed. Writing style of author is nice and I was easily able to follow the entire story. Plot of the story is gripping and it kept me on the edge the whole time until I finished this book. If you love reading horror stories then don’t miss to pick this book.

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Dream Recurring

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