Interview with author Stephen Peter Oldham

Book: Philosophical Muse And Stuff ‘N’ Nonsense

Q1). Please introduce yourself so the readers will get to know you better.

Hi everyone. I am Steve, living here in Cambridge near my three grown-up children and my Westie dog. I am originally from Liverpool, but life has taken me to many parts of the UK and the world. I would say that I am well-travelled, and I enjoy new experiences in life. Being a Writer and Author is a new experience for me, and like all new experiences at times it seems daunting, but once I realise that it is my dream then I realise that I have found my purpose in life and am at a very happy point!

Q2). What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing a book?

Most of our waking lives we spend thinking about stuff. People tend to do what they think they should do rather than what they really want to do in life, forced into things by the need to earn money! I chose the type of work that I did whilst I was forming my books, in order to be able to write. It was hard, but the most surprising thing I discovered was that I could do it, and I did it!

Q3). What inspired you to write your book?

Each story, or muse, or poem has its own inspiration. I write about real people and real events, and I find that it is people who inspire me! I always think that if you can find inspiration in your mundane world then that is a key, or a cornerstone to a happy path!

Q4). What are your hobbies apart from reading or writing?

My life can get a bit stressful at times as I try to do too much at once. I must constantly remind myself to focus on one thing and do it well. That goes for my main hobby, which is fishing. I can always find some kind of inner peace whilst gone fishing, and of course I have my memories of my father and his great pals and our fishing trips. These days I go with my son, George! I always played football, up until recently, and I do miss playing sport, but I am always active in the garden or walking the dog and carrying fishing tackle from the car to the river can turn out to be a weightlifting experience!

Q5). What was your favourite part of the publishing journey?

I absolutely love editing. I love to get everything correct and perfect. Until you do it you would not realise just how complex a paragraph is. When I am editing mistakes jump out at me from the page. Now that I am here, I am enjoying the marketing stage. My background is in Sales and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical industry, and I have an MBA. I have had an interesting life, and I am enjoying getting to know and understand the ‘Book World’. One thing that I like is that ‘Book People’ absolutely love books!

Q6). Are you from a literary background?

Not at all. I consider myself to be lucky in life. I grew up in Liverpool in a poor social family that was joining the new middle classes. I went to Grammar School, and I saw glimpses of the ‘good life’, but I can always remember my mum and dad working seven days a week to make my life possible. I like to thing that I am naturally literary, and I always wanted to be a Writer. I remember writing my Autobiography at school aged eleven. I still have it. I suppose, now, I am beginning to see the big picture, literature is not just about words on paper, but a whole world of people all with that same ‘love of books’ thing!

Q7). How is life in Cambridge?

Life, most of the time, now, is relatively comfortable. It has been hard to get to this point, but now I can begin to enjoy it. Cambridge is cosmopolitan and steeped in history and acidaemia. It has two faces, the colleges and the real people that has a strong London influence. I love it and I love the breadth of choice of things to do and most of all different people and cultures to see!

Q8). Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I am currently writing a sequel to Philosophical Muse, which is my daily fodder, since I can write and complete a poem, or story, or muse in a day! I am also working on two novels. One is autobiographical and at times I feel like I will never finish it! The second is about internet love fraud, called ‘The Poet and The Whores’, and is again a true story written as ‘Real Fiction’. I also have a few more projects which will culminate in books. So, in five years I hope that people have a full picture of me as I stand as a Poet and Writer with the trappings of success associated in the industry, and as someone who needs to be listened to!

Q9). When did you first realise you wanted to be an author?

I have always dreamed romantically of being a Writer. The Beatle’s record, ‘Paperback Writer’ holds special significance for me, as I am sure it does for millions of people. I was a Sixties child, and I can remember that feeling of excitement at that time. Artists were springing out and a rebirth in culture was beginning. I always knew that I wanted to be an Author from then, and I look at my life sometimes as a kind of hindrance to that purpose, but I always end up saying to myself in my philosophical way, ‘but if I had not have experienced that then I would not know and I would not be able to write about it!’ I like the fact that it is happening now that I am older, as I think I understand it more!

Q10). Lastly, who inspires you the most and why?

My two most inspirational figures are John Lennon and David Bowie. I think Lennon’s stuff is obvious and I think I am very similar to him. After all, all we really need is love! I just love David Bowie as an artist. His lyrics and performance are amazing and if there is one dude, I want to copy on stage it is David! But perhaps the biggest thing I learned from him is that completing a project is not about getting up at 8am every day and eating breakfast, completing a project is about doing what it takes in order to get it done! That takes sacrifice whatever way you look at it, but in terms of Writing nothing compares to being an Author and looking at your own book and what it means to you!

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Philosophical Muse And Stuff ‘N’ Nonsense

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