Never Take Your Life by author Shirley Ann Rich

Book: Never Take Your Life

Author: Shirley Ann Rich

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 4/5

Never Take Your Life by Shirley Ann Rich is a self-help book. This book is for readers who are suicidal, into depression or know someone like that around themselves. Through this book, author is sharing the information with readers that will help them to prevent suicide. Shirley has started this book by sharing the emergency steps that can help to stop suicide.

Sometimes wealth can cause us to feel lonely. That loneliness contribute to the desire to commit suicide. So, we should have a good listener who could help us to come out of our issues/tension. When Shirley’s second husband and daughter committed suicide, she was determined to gain much knowledge on suicide and the reasons behind it. She has written this book from her own experiments and experiences and therefore is the right person to guide others on this topic.

Language used in the book is lucid. Title of the book couldn’t have been more appropriate. Cover photo is nice. This is a self-help memoir in which author has shared about her own experiences and tips to prevent suicide. Content shared in the book is to the point. It’s an insightful read. I gained some knowledge from this book and I am glad to get my hands on it. Go ahead with it. It’s worth reading.

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Never Take Your Life

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