Philosophical Muse And Stuff ‘N’ Nonsense by author Stephen Peter Oldham

Book: Philosophical Muse And Stuff ‘N’ Nonsense

Author: Stephen Peter Oldham

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“Philosophical Muse and Stuff ‘N’ Nonsense” is a poetry book penned by the author Stephen Peter Oldham. In this poetry book, author has tried to address modern day problems with the help of a poetry and muse. One of my favorite from the collection is Money.

Easy come,
Easy go,
Rich or poor,
We all have to walk through the same door.

All of my life I’ve thought I cannot do anything without it!
Like a drug that feeds my empty soul,
Dependent upon wanting and lust,
It freaks me out the stuff!

Language used in the book is lucid. Even if you are not an avid poetry reader, you would be easily able to follow the meaning of poems and muses. The topics mentioned in this book are relatable. Below question from the muse painkillers is an eye opener. From now onwards, I will develop a habit to bear the pain and will not swallow a painkiller as now I know its harmful effects.

“Is life so unbearable that the people cannot get through a day without their little pill to kill the pain?”

Author has shared great content in this book and I am glad to get my hands on it. Readers gonna be delighted to read poetry, muses and stories that are part of this book. This is a thought provoking read. So, don’t rush finishing the entire book in a single sitting. Instead, I like to recommend readers to read few pages at a time, analyze and reflect on whatever they have read. This is a kinda book that fit perfectly to my reading taste. I enjoyed every bit of this book and I like to strongly recommend it to my fellow readers. It’s worth reading.

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Philosophical Muse And Stuff ‘N’ Nonsense

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