Unethical Achievers by author Nitin Sisodia

Book: Unethical Achievers

Author: Nitin Sisodia

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 4/5

Unethical Achievers penned by the author Nitin Sisodia is a book with unique storyline. Story features two middle class boys from a small town ShanGuang in China who adopted shortcuts and unethical ways to make money. One of this teenager belonged to the majority Han community and the other belonged to minority Uyghur Muslim community.

Jian Han met Tomur Uyghur in the secondary school. Both of them belonged to different Chinese communities, yet their friendship began on the first day they met. Tomur was in love with Tabby (a girl from other community), Yiang’s sister. Jian arranged a meeting for Tabby and Tomur. Tomur was thankful to Jian as because of him, he had kiss the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Grab a copy of this novel and find out what happens as the two teenagers get involved together in business.

Story is full of action, drama, emotions, competition, friendship, envy, betrayal, etc. Language of the book is easy to follow. Cover photo is nice and title of the book is suitable. I haven’t read much books that are set in China but this one I enjoyed reading. Author’s writing style is nice and this storyline is impressive. Go ahead with this book.

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Unethical Achievers

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