If And Only If : Experience College In Her Running Shoes by author C.S. McKinney

Book: If And Only If : Experience College In Her Running Shoes

Author: C.S. McKinney

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“If and Only If: Experience College in Her Running Shoes” penned by the author C.S. McKinney is about the journey of a girl Sarah as she navigates through college life. I liked the way story began with Sarah getting ready for the first day of the semester Senior year. Her roommate Emily Marie
Ellis could run on a full stomach and beat most of the guys.

At college, Sarah has a crush on a guy Paul. This year, there is another guy Nigel who is new but quite a competitor for Paul. Sarah and Emily are leading the girl’s team. Paul and Nigel are leading the guys. Last year, the team missed to go to nationals by few points. So, this year, they have to get a spot at nationals.

I enjoyed reading about workout stuffs that author has mentioned within the story. For instance, doing warmup before running, stretching later, etc. Being a fitness enthusiast, I enjoyed every bit of this story and I highly appreciate the valuable knowledge that author has shared as part of this story.

Language of the book is lucid. I enjoyed reading about many situations in Sarah’s life. This book is full of different emotions and I loved Sarah’s character. This book took me down the memory lane to my college days. I like to recommend it to college students, other adults and especially to women as they would find more similarities with Sarah.

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If And Only If :Experience College In Her Running Shoes

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