Brothers in Arms by author Umesh Moudgil

Book: Brothers in Arms

Author: Umesh Moudgil

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

Brothers in Arms is an intriguing story written by an Indian born author Umesh Moudgil who moved to UK in 1970. Author who has experienced all the changes to our multiracial society has written this book based on his some experiences. Aman wanted to join the British fighting forces as he was inspired by his late grandfather. When Aman informed his family about his decision to join the army, there were arguments in his house. Aman’s grandfather has seen so much violence in the jungles and he returned home as a changed man.

After Limestone training, Aman was sent to Iraq where he served his first tour of duty. Aman’s grandfather didn’t tell him that war is not that pretty after all. Sometimes it tore you from inside. Aman was also offered to apply for the elite commando team, the Special Boat Service (SBS). His life changed on September 11, 2001. He was deeply affected when the territories hit the Twin Towers in New York.

Written in 115 pages, this book could be read in two sittings. Cover of the book looks nice and title is suitable according to the contents of the story. Before reading this book, I wasn’t aware about PTSD from which returning soldiers suffer silently. Language used in the book is easy to understand. Narration is smooth and strong.

This book has sensitive issue discussion like religion, racism so if you are comfortable reading about these topics, then pick this book.

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Brothers in Arms

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