The Omicron Six by author Endy Wright

Book: The Omicron Six

Author: Endy Wright

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

The Omicron Six penned by the author Endy Wright is a gripping story that has the power to hook the readers till the last page. Story features Cooper Callister, a bright kid who is non verbal. Another character of importance is Coupe Daschelete. Coupe is a poor kid. He is not special for his teachers and he prefers to stay ignored with B grade. Coupe has faced much abuse early in his life. That’s why he don’t prefer going to home always from school.

At school, Coupe felt that Cooper is looking at him, not with his eyes though. Both Coupe and Cooper have superhuman powers. At school, Coupe was referred to as Single for a reason that you should find yourself while reading this book. Soon, Coupe and Cooper developed a friendship and Cooper can even talk. He just don’t talk at school. Grab a copy of this book and find out more about Coupe and Cooper, their origin, etc.

This is a captivating story. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Cover photo of the book looks nice. The 2 main characters Coupe and Cooper are interesting. Plot of the story is well written and I enjoyed it a lot. Narration is smooth and strong. Pace of the story is fast and I didn’t feel bored anytime while reading this story. I am excited to read next book by the author.

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The Omicron Six

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