Exiled by author Lauren Lee Merewether

Book: Exiled

Author: Lauren Lee Merewether

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

Exiled penned by the author Lauren Lee Merewether is the first book in A Lost Pharaoh Chronicles Complement Collection. It is a historical fiction so if you enjoy reading such novels then this book would fit perfectly to your reading taste.

Story features Pawah that is a narcissistic, psychopathic, and calculative schemer. Pharaoh and his two sons stand in Pawah’s way to the divine crown. Pawah was born poor but still he managed to be Fifth Prophet of Amun. Now his plan is to reach to the throne by seducing Pharaoh’s daughter. Will Pawah get succesful in his mission or something else is written in his fate? Find out yourself by reading this intriguing story.

Readers will find rich glossary at the beginning of the book that would help them a lot while reading it. This story set in Egyptian places made this book more intriguing. I appreciate author’s imagination in building the amazing world. It’s a fast paced story and I didn’t feel bored anytime while reading it. I like to strongly recommend this to historical fiction lovers.

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Book Is Available On Amazon


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