Interview with author Alexandra Lopez

Book: Kachina

Q1. Please introduce yourself so that the readers will get to know you better.

My name is Alexandra Lopez. I was born in Ecuador and spent my childhood in Venezuela. I lived in Switzerland for a year to study French and then moved to the United States for my undergraduate and masters degrees. I combined my passion for education and my love for languages by opening an English speaking preschool in Venezuela.  I am now living in Miami with my husband and four adult children. I love writing children books that inspire children to reach their highest potential.  

Q2. What is your inspiration behind your book “Kachina”?

I was inspired to write Kachina by looking at the stars and imagining what they think of us humans and our beautiful Earth when they are gazing down at us.

Q3. What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Apart from writing I love spending time in nature and doing yoga and bicycle riding.

Q4. Have you authored any other book too?

The first book I wrote was in Spanish, Golpe de Suerte, Stroke of Luck. It is the story of a man who helped care for macaws and helped them fly freely through the skies of Caracas.

Q5. For which age group your book “Kachina” is suitable?

Kachina can be read by 4 year olds and will also be enjoyed by adults.

Q6. What is your favorite Quote?

I don’t have a favorite quote but one I recently read that I loved was “the secret of getting ahead is getting started” by Mark Twain.

Q7. What is your favorite country to live in?

I loved living in Venezuela but now I am very happy to be living in the U.S. Traveling and seeing other cultures and points of view is important to me.

Q8. What suggestion you want to give to parents of little readers regarding a reading habit?

My suggestion would be to make story time fun and exciting and make a routine that you and your child look forward to doing together.

Q9. What does literary success look like to you?

Literary success to me is writing a book that inspires children to identify their feelings and and assert their self esteem.

Q10. Lastly, who is your inspiration in life and why?

I am inspired by people who have overcome hardships and become more compassionate and are able to help others.  
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