Interview with author Dr. Mary Faltz

Book: Cruelly Betrayed

Q1: Hello Maám, can you please introduce yourself? Readers would love to know more about you.

My name is Mary, I am 38 years old and I live in Luxembourg, Europe. I am a clinical researcher, a pharmacist, a single mum of 4, a long term childhood sexual abuse survivor and since a few months also a cancer survivor. I have accidentally written a book within 8 weeks while undergoing heavy cancer treatment.

Q2: What were the key challenges you faced while writing ‘Cruelly Betrayed’ book?

‘Cruelly betrayed’ has written itself. Being faced with my own mortality after waking up from a long and complicated surgery, only to learn that my cancer had spread, I felt an overwhelming fear of death.

I started compiling a letter for my children on my hospital bed and the pages just kept going. I was recovering from a horrible surgery, going through chemotherapy and attending 30 burning radiation sessions. These were the challenging conditions in which that book was written.

It was as if I still had so much to say still before dying and everything just came out freeing me up from any bottled up negative emotions that I didn’t realize I still had inside of me until triggered by the possibility of my own demise.

Q3: What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

Since I am not your typical writer, I’d say my writing style is very concise and to the point. I don’t use long sentences and that’s why this book is very digestible and easy to read within a short time. The book has been described by many as being captivating and the readers couldn’t put it down.

The reader will always need to remember that the book is a first draft written under horrible circumstances within weeks. That is what makes this book authentic as it’s straight from the heart.

Q4: What’s your favourite spot to visit in your own country? And what makes it so special to you?

However strange this sounds, this would have to be the cemetery where my stillborn daughter is buried. Whenever I feel down, that’s where I go to pick up strength and positive energy to get me back on track, my other children feel the same about this particular spot.

Q5: Is there lots to do before you drive in and start writing a book?

Well, since it’s my first book and it’s been written in the middle of a horror situation, I am very curious to see what I can write when life is more calm and I can actually consciously think about content and structure 😉

Q6: How long did it take you to write ‘Cruelly Betrayed’ book?

It took me about 8 weeks to write that book, mostly while I was attached to my 12 hour chemo infusions, on my laptop on the hospital bed.

Q7: On what all platforms readers can find ‘Cruelly Betrayed’ book to buy?

The book can be purchased in the global book trade (physical and online bookshops) including amazon (also available in Kindle format) as well as on my website

Q8: Tell us about the process of coming up with the book cover and the title ‘Cruelly Betrayed’ ?

The title of the book needed to be eye catching and since the topics in themselves are cruel, I thought why sugar coat the title and make it sound sweeter. I decided to put a smiley strong face on the cover in order to portray that this woman right there is unbreakable.

Despite all the hardships she’s had to endure, she’s still standing and smiling at life because life is beautiful no matter how many times you got hit and hurt, life is magical if you just open your eyes and see.

Q9: When writing a book how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

This specific book has been unconsciously written in the midst of total chaos, it’s an unedited first draft, as if you were reading an intimate journal of a mother facing her death, very scared of not seeing her babies grow.

I am certain the words would flow out differently today if I decided to write them. The book knows no plan or structure, the feelings were typed as they were felt in real time.

Q10: Are there any secrets from the book (that aren’t in the blurb), you can share with your readers?

Hmm, secrets? Well, I can only say that despite the heavy thematics, the tone throughout the book is very empowering despite it being written in absolute fear and despair.

This book is merely a sneak peak of my horrid reality. there is humor, suspense, horror, romance, action, love, hope, perseverance, kindness and trust all packed in an accidental book.

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Cruelly Betrayed

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