Hearts Amongst Stars by author K Soriano

Book: Hearts Amongst Stars

Author: K Soriano

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

Hearts Amongst Stars written by the author K Soriano is a poetry book. The author has written all the poems in the left alignment. Below lines are my favorite among the collection. The narrator has expressed deep feelings of how someone means so much to us. Even when that special person is not physically around us, we feel so much for him/her.

Of all the people in the world,
there’s only one
who can give us butterflies.
Make our hearts feel full.
Feel our souls connect as one.
Allow us to feel comfortable
with who we are
and love us anyway.
Once you find that person,
consider yourself lucky.
Truly special.
And never let them go.

A person who has been in love could understand the meaning of these lines very well.

Language used in the book is simple. If you are a beginner in reading poetry, you will be able to understand what the author is trying to convey using these poems. Cover photo is simple yet relevant as it depicts the night sky full of stars. It’s so thoughtful. Poetry lovers should definitely read this book.

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Book Is Available On Amazon

Hearts Amongst Stars

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