A Kind Of Hush by author Jodee Neathery

Book: A Kind Of Hush

Author: Jodee Neathery

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

A Kind of Hush is an intriguing story penned by the author Jodee Neathery. Story is set in Buffalo, New York. This is the story of Mackie’s family, a family of five. Matt and Summer are the parents of their three kids: Willa, Griff and Gabriel aka Gabe. Once, Summer left Griff in Willa’s care just for fifteen minutes and the tragedy happened due to which the family lost Griff forever. Summer blamed Willa for Griff’s death.

As the story progresses, the parents resume their jobs. They planned a trip near Zoar Valley Gorge. The family didn’t know that the tragedy would strike again. Rescue team recovered Summer’s body and Matt was disoriented with brain trauma. The family was taken to the hospital for treatment and investigation kept on going side by side. Summer’s sister Starla Jordan was shocked to see the ashen face of her younger sister. Grab a copy of this book to know if the truth comes out.

The storyline is amazing. It kept me on the edge as I read it. I was curious to know what will happen next. Cover photo of the book is nice and the title is suitable. The author has written the characters well and narration is smooth. I appreciate the dialogs as they are clear and I was easily able to follow the story. The story is full of different emotions. Go ahead with this novel without thinking twice. I am sure you would love the story.

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A Kind of Hush

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