Life In Hyderabad: A City Of Tales by author Queeny Yalangi

Book: Life In Hyderabad: A City Of Tales

Author: Queeny Yalangi

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 4/5

Recently I got my hands on the book “Life In Hyderabad: A City of Tales” penned by the author Queeny Yalangi. This book is a collection of Anectodes, the stories of love, pain and optimism. I enjoyed reading these stories. My favourite from the collection is Girl On the Road.

Girl on the Road is about an introvert guy Vicky who saw a stranger girl on the road. He fell in love with her and one day he decided to talk to her. But will he get a chance to express his heart to her?

Another story Depressed Soul is about a girl whose heart has been broken long back and she is having a heavier heart now. But she faces the world by keeping a fake smile on her face.

The stories felt relatable. Language used in the book is lucid so even beginners could enjoy these stories. Cover photo showing Charminar looks amazing. The title is suitable and this book tempted me to visit Hyderabad. Narration is smooth and I was easily able to follow all the stories. Being a common man, one would definitely enjoy reading these stories.

If you love to read untold stories about the lives of common people, then grab this book.

Book Is Available On Amazon

Life In Hyderabad: A City Of Tales

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