The Garden Of Calilily by author Chrystie Keller

Book: The Garden Of Calilily

Author: Chrystie Keller

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“The Garden of Calilily” written by the author Chrystie Keller is an interesting story book. Story features two fairy sisters: Marigold and Sweetpea. The two sisters live in The Garden of Calilily. One morning, the fairy sisters woke up feeling unlike their normal selves. To find their normal selves back, they followed the crystal path and visited different places in the Garden.

Will they be successful in finding their normal selves back? This is a beautiful story that the author has written nicely. Pretty illustrations made me enjoy the book more. Cover photo of the book looks lovely and the title is suitable. It’s a kinda story book that kids would love to read again and again. I like to highly recommend it for little readers.

Book Is Available On Amazon

The Garden Of Calilily

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