Moving Parts: A Memoir by author Jason Hill

Book: Moving Parts: A Memoir

Author: Jason Hill

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 4/5

“Moving Parts: A Memoir” written by the author Jason Hill is the first book by him that I have read. In this book, the author has shared about different phases of his life: childhood, adulthood, etc. When Jason was five years old, he lived in the suburb of Chicago called Matteson with his family. He had attended lily-white elementary school and once for a white girl, he broke his teeth while he was pretending to trip.

One day, Jason’s mom woke him and his siblings saying that they are moving to Maryland and their daddy will join them later. But later she made the confession that their daddy won’t be coming. Jason was going to miss Matteson, Illinois and his friends there. Read this book to know more about the family issues, the suicide in the family and more about Jason’s life.

Story is well written and Jason has narrated it smoothly. He is bold in narrative and honest too. I am glad to get my hands on this memoir as I love reading about life stories of someone. By reading someone’s memoir is the best way to learn from someone’s experiences. Cover photo of the book looks nice. Don’t miss to get your hands on this.

Book Is Available On Amazon

Moving Parts: A Memoir

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