The Four Harmonious Friends by creator Awa Books

Book: The Four Harmonious Friends

Creator: Awa Books

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“The Four Harmonious Friends” is a Children’s book created by Awa books and illustrated by Tenzin Tendhar. Story features a big tree in a beautiful forest. An elephant, a rabbit, a monkey, and a bird live under the shadow of the tree. They all fill their stomachs from the tree. One day they were discussing who is the owner of the tree. Read this beautiful story to find out who among the four animals owned the tree.

Story is well written. Illustrations are pretty. Kids will definitely love this colorful picture book. This book is written in two languages: English and Tibetan. Language used in the book is easy and kids could understand it well. I enjoyed reading this story and loved the beautiful message that this book gives.

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Book Is Available On Amazon

The Four Harmonious Friends

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