The Munchkins by author Candice Zee

Book: The Munchkins

Author: Candice Zee

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

The Munchkins penned by the author Candice Zee is the first installment in the series. It is a middle-grade fantasy book that children would definitely love.

The story is about thirteen kids. Capricorn is one of the thirteen kids and she has narrated this story. One day, thirteen kids appeared in front of the children’s home. When Casey Munch went to the adoption center to adopt kids, he adopted all the thirteen kids. At the age of ten, these kids developed special powers and Casey asked the kids to keep their powers secret. Also, he set some ground rules on how the kids can use their powers. Their powers can heal people.

There is an evil next-door neighbor Big Boss whom the kids don’t like a bit. Once when they were playing baseball and their baseball went into Big Boss’s yards, he squeezed Becky’s wrist and hurt her badly. So, their father CC asked them to call him next time they see Big Boss. What is the motive of Big Boss? Why is he keeping an eye on the kids?

This is an intriguing story that I loved a lot. I enjoyed every bit of this story. Cover photo of the book looks nice and the title is suitable. Language used in the book is simple so middle grade readers would enjoy it.

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The Munchkins

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