Chandler The Crocodile by author Grace Estle

Book: Chandler The Crocodile

Author: Grace Estle

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“Chandler The Crocodile” is an interesting children’s book penned by Grace Estle and illustrated by QBN Studios.

Main character of the story is Chandler, the Crocodile, who arrived at his new school. His classmates were fluffy bears with chocolate coats, blueberry eyes but chandler’s skin was leathery and green. He had pointy sharp teeth.

It will be really great to read how Chandler’s mom made him realize how to use his gifts. Give a quick read to the story to find out for yourself will chandler be able to make friends at the new school. Readers will definitely love this story as it gives a strong message to the readers that we all are beautiful in one way or the other and we should not feel upset by comparing ourselves with others.

Cover photo of the book is eye-catching and the language of the book is lucid so kids can understand it easily. Don’t miss to get your hands on this book. Pace of the story is fast and I enjoyed reading it. Illustrations are pretty. This is a great story that I like to recommend not only to little readers but to adults as well.

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Chandler The Crocodile

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