Siara & The Seashell by author Ethan Arabov

Book: Siara & The Seashell

Author: Ethan Arabov

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

Ethan Arabov’s “Siara & The Seashell” is a Children’s Book for kids of ages 5-11 years. Story features Siara who has lived in her shell till now. She is fearful to step out of it. She thinks that people will make fun of her and she may not be as beautiful as she seems in her dreams.

Kids should pick a copy of this book to know will sea creatures be able to convince Siara to see the outer world? It is a story about friendship, helping others, etc. Pretty illustrations would catch kids’ attention on the first look.

After reading this book, kids would be motivated to help others and be good friends. Language used in the book is easy so kids could follow the story. A must read book. Strongly recommended for little ones.

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Book Is Available On Amazon

Siara & The Seashell

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