Truthful Tammy by author Ethan Arabov

Book: Truthful Tammy

Author: Ethan Arabov

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

I love reading Children’s Books to my nephew. Recently I read the book “Truthful Tammy” to him.

It’s a beautiful story book written by the author Ethan Arabov and illustrated by Ugur Kose. Story features a little girl Tammy who went on an exciting adventure with her mother and they found treasure. Tammy is curious to find out about the owner of it. Read this beautiful story to know what happens next.

This book teaches important moral values of being honest to the kids. Parents should definitely add this book to their kids’ bookshelf. Such books help kids to learn important values early in life. I wish I would have gotten my hands on a book like this as a kid.

Author’s Profile

Book Is Available On Amazon

Truthful Tammy

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