L.A. Dreams by author A.M. Morrell

Book: L.A. Dreams

Author: A.M. Morrell

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

L.A. Dreams penned by the A.M. Morrell is the debut book of the author. Story is set in the year 1993. Main character of the story is Corbett Scott. He lives in Dallas with Jennifer. Jennifer faked her pregnancy so she could keep Cory with him. Corbett’s best friend Edward Allan Cooper was dead. Eddie wanted to make the band Suicide King successful. He had Cory in his plans. That’s why he kept on requesting Cory and Jennifer to move to LA.

Once, when Eddie was on his way to Dallas so he could convince Cory and take him to LA, he met with an accident and lost his life. After Eddie’s death, Cory wanted to make Suicide King successful. After being cheated on by Jennifer, Cory took the transfer to LA. He wanted to keep his job secure while he tried himself at the band. When he met music legend Alexandra Blake, he became obsessed with her. Read this story to know what will happen next.

This book is totally according to my reading taste. I enjoyed every bit of it. Cover photo of the book is well designed and the title couldn’t have been better than this. This book tempted me to visit LA. Language used in the book is lucid and I was able to follow the story easily. This book is good for weekend binge reading. I am sure you would enjoy it.

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L.A. Dreams

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