Once Upon The Rhine by author RA Anderson

Book: Once Upon The Rhine

Author: RA Anderson

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“Once Upon the Rhine” penned by the author RA Anderson is the first book in Cody the Cockatrice series. It has been fifty years since Cody has been invisible to humans. Cody is a Cockatrice Godparent who had run out of believers. Cody has been a protector of Guardian children. He is looking for Guardian children but couldn’t find any.

Story also features a middle child Brody who feels just like Cody i.e. invisible. Brody is on a vacation to Switzerland. On their first day, they would enjoy a Swiss chocolate walking tour. What will happen when Brody sees Cody during a chocolate tour? Cody realizes Brody has seen him. He wonders if he has to go to America with Brody?

Read this story that is full of adventures. The story tempted me to visit Switzerland which is my dream destination. This story is for kids up to 12 years old. I read this book to my nephew and he enjoyed every bit of it. Cover photo of the book looks lovely and the writing style is amazing. I love the way both the main characters’ names are rhyming. Go ahead with this book.

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Book Is Available On Amazon

Once Upon The Rhine

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