The Song Of Svain: The Wolf-slayer And The Goat by author JD White

Book: The Song Of Svain: The Wolf-slayer And The Goat

Author: JD White

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“The Song of Svain: The Wolf-slayer and the Goat” penned by the author JD White is a captivating story that has the power to hook the reader’s attention from the first page.

Main character of the story is Svain. He is a son of Ólaf and Sigrid. Svain was excited for this spring as he would be recognized as a man. He went to meet his old friend ‘Rögenvaldur the Goat’. Upon their meeting, Rögenvaldur told Svain about the tale of Rögenvaldur the Terrible: Dragon of the North”.

Rögenvaldur was once the slayer of the innocent and destroyer of all beautiful things. He told Svain how raidings aren’t just an act of glory and praise but also about murder and grief. Read this story to know about how Svain’s father gave him the responsibility to train a weakling from Irland. What challenges lie ahead in Svain’s journey?

Storyline is beautiful and it made me realize the importance of karma. The characters felt real and I was able to relate to them. This story kept me on the edge and made me forget the real world around me for a while.

Author has done great work in this debut novel. I enjoyed every bit of this story. Looking forward to reading the next book by the author in the future.

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The Song Of Svain: The Wolf-slayer And The Goat

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