The Elephant Tooth of ’95 by author Rana Baydoun

Book: The Elephant Tooth of ’95

Author: Rana Baydoun

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“The Elephant Tooth of ’95” penned by Rana Baydoun is an enchanting story of family, romance and new beginnings. Story features Noor Beyrouti who had graduated with a BSc in Nutrition and Food Technology. Noor was looking for a job. She came to know that DanielCo requires a sales rep for food ingredients in the chemical division. Noor got the interview call and her second round of interview was with Mr Daniel himself. Fortunately Noor made it to her dream job. She took help from colleagues to get the hang of her job. It was amazing to read the descriptions of Noor’s hardships at a new job and how her colleagues guided with various tips.

This book introduces Lebanese culture to the readers. It’s amazing to see how Noor balances her family, career, relationships, etc. Read the story for yourself to know will Noor find love in her life or not?

This book will take you on a ride full of rollercoaster adventures. I enjoyed every bit of it. Writing style of the author is nice. Readers who enjoy reading stories involving someone’s day to day personal experiences would enjoy this book for sure. If you are looking for a light reading for the weekend, this book would be the perfect pick.

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The Elephant Tooth of ’95

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