The Human Dilemma by author Jose Behar

Book: The Human Dilemma

Author: Jose Behar

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 4/5

“The Human Dilemma” penned by the author Jose Behar is a science fiction novel. Story is set in the future. Because of the Great Pandemic and self-generated climate crisis, social divisions were created. The group started calling themselves the Union. The Union was similar to the old United Nations organization. Some of the participating countries of the Union are more open to science and liberalism than others.

Colonel Stark is leading the Olympus evacuation operation. Olympus is managed by UCF but based on recently signed Human Accords, its complete control would be transferred to the Union. Dr Stan-Lee was asked to be eyes and ears on the moon making real contact and first-hand observations. Dr Stan Lee preferred to be called Elle. She was welcomed at the Olympus & was assigned an assistant Zayan. Read this story to know what challenges lie ahead in this journey.

Sci-fi fans should get their hands on this book. Cover photo is well designed. Plot of the story is fast and I enjoyed reading it. Readers who are from science background would enjoy this story more. World building is nice and I really appreciate the author’s imagination in this novel. Author has written the characters well. Those who enjoy science fiction should add this to their tbr.

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The Human Dilemma

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