480 Codorus Street: Surviving Unpredictability by author Sandra Lee Kearse-Stockton

Book: 480 Codorus Street: Surviving Unpredictability

Author: Sandra Lee Kearse-Stockton

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“480 Codorus Street: Surviving Unpredictability” is a wonderful autobiography of the author Sandra Lee Kearse-Stockton. Sandra was born in York, Pennsylvania. Her parents Mae and William lived in a beautiful home at 480 Codorus Street at that time. William was rarely at home and Sandra’s mother Dot took care of her children and household work. Taking care of so many children wasn’t easy but Dot always make the house pretty. William’s mood was very unpredictable and he used to come home very less. When Sandra was nine years old, William abused Dot badly. Dot got bruises on her body because of being kicked by William. William was made to leave the house but soon he returned home and then hit Mary and Sandra which further gave Sandra the confirmation for her strained relationship with William.

This book gave me the opportunity to have a sneak peek into Sandra’s life and learn from it. Read this story to know will Sandra ever want William to be her father again? This story is nicely written by the author. I appreciate the courage of Sandra to share her story with everyone. Title of the book couldn’t have been better than this. Since the story involves abuse, it is recommended for readers who are comfortable with reading such content.

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480 Codorus Street: Surviving Unpredictability

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