The Last Sane Awoken Freedom by author Stephany Barcomb-Rodriguez

Book: The Last Sane Awoken Freedom

Author: Stephany Barcomb-Rodriguez

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 4.5/5

Freedom written by the author Stephany Barcomb-Rodriguez is the first installment in The Last Sane Awoken book series.

Story began with Dmitry, the Master Necromancer standing among the human bodies heaped around him. His companions and he arrived late and couldn’t save the living. Dmitry wanted to stop Mother Eva from destroying all of the living. Because of this, Eva got angry and the Black Mist Storm bent to her will. Captain Nora was relieved to see Dmitry alive. She thought he died in the Black Mist Storm.

Dmitry told Nora that he is able to survive Black Mist Storm but he alone can’t stop Mother. He has to find the Last Sane Awoken before the Mother. Read this intriguing story to know will the Last Sane Awoken be at Dmitry’s side? It is the responsibility of Dmitry to find and train the Last Sane Awoken so he can aid them in the war. Dmitry is able to take any risk to find him.

Storyline is intriguing and this book kept me on edge as I read it. Cover photo of the book is nice and the title is suitable. Writing style of the author is amazing. Narration is strong and smooth. Language used in the book is simple and I was able to follow the story easily.

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The Last Sane Awoken Freedom

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