The Relic: Krigere & Voktere Book 1 by author Tolv Walstad

Book: The Relic: Krigere & Voktere Book 1

Author: Tolv Walstad

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

The Relic penned by the author Tolv Walstad is the first book in the Krigere & Voktere trilogy.

Tyr is an orphan with no knowledge of his past. He is frustrated from growing up alone. He is really eager to figure out his past. The branches on his arm are a mystery to him. Erik is a good friend of Tyr. Both of them had tried to find clues to Tyr’s past but all their efforts had been in vain. When Tyr was a baby, he was taken by Liv. He is grateful to Liv for taking care of him.

Warrior’s Gate trials were going on. Tyr and a few of his friends were a little nervous. Each young adult passes through the Warrior’s Gate to become a Kriger. The enemy of Kriger is Voktere. Tyr was betrayed by a friend and he finally met Gorm, a Voktere. He told Tyr that he will take the hostages and will leave a message to bring the relic to the abandoned Kriger village, Eski. When Tyr saw Revna, he hadn’t expected that at all. He thought he wouldn’t get a chance to see her again. After coming to senses, Tyr visited his house and it was ransacked. He couldn’t find his mor anywhere. Read this story to know what truths Tyr will discover as he walks on the journey to rescue the hostages.

Storyline is super interesting. I appreciate the vivid imagination of the author in creating the fantasy world. Cover photo of the book is eye-catching. Title is suitable according to the story. Characters are well written. While reading this story, I was totally pulled in and felt like the scenes were happening around me in real life. Fantasy lovers should get their hands on this book without any second thoughts.

Book Is Available On Amazon

The Relic: Krigere & Voktere Book 1

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