Are You Love Smart Or Love Stupid? by author Dr Rachel Sims

Book: Are You Love Smart Or Love Stupid?

Author: Dr Rachel Sims

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“Are You Love Smart or Love Stupid?” penned by Marriage & relationship expert Dr Rachel Sims is a guide that will help readers to identify damaging myths that prevent them from having fulfilling relationships. This book will guide you on the right path to finding and keeping love in the modern day.

I agree with the author when she says that individuals must learn to love themselves before seeking a romantic partner. We believe in many dating myths and that complicates our love life. The author is suggesting readers to be more realistic while looking for a date/love.

Various love quotes mentioned in the book are something I really like. I have noted all of them in my journal. The myths that have been mentioned in this book have opened my eyes. I needed to learn such details from someone and I am thankful to the author for sharing such details with us.

If you want to uncomplicate your love life, then you should get your hands on this book. Tv shows, movies, book names mentioned in between the chapters are great recommendations. Rachel’s writing style is highly impressive. I laughed at various occasions while reading this book. I like to strongly recommend it to my fellow readers. It is one of the best books that I have read this year. I will definitely reread it in future. Also, I am looking forward to reading more of Rachel’s work in the future.

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Are You Love Smart Or Love Stupid?

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