Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die by author Billy Dering

Book: Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die

Author: Billy Dering

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 4.5/5

“Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die” is a science fiction novel penned by the author Billy Dering. Story is set in the future and features Kid Carlson and his girlfriend Sara Hyland. Kid was at the beach along with his group in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. There was a neutron beam attack that wiped out everything. Only Kid and his friends survived the attack. Even though Professor Cofflin had invented the weapon earlier, he didn’t have any plans to build it. He knew that this weapon in the wrong hands could extinguish the entire human race.

This made Brian to pinpoint at the fact that the neutron beam attack happened a week after the Utopia Project was discovered. In the 2020s, an army wife, named Anna Delilah, fell off of a window ledge trying to get her kid and escape the CCP project. Because of her death, there was a rally which made the President stop the CCP. Read this book to know the challenges that Kid and his friends have to take.

Story is full of drama, action. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it. Cover photo of the book looks lovely. The title is suitable according to the story. There are so many characters to keep track of. If you enjoy stories with more characters then add this book to your tbr.

Those who love reading Dystopian fiction should get their hands on this one for sure.

Book Is Available On Amazon

Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die

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