Book Review: Victims for Sale by Nish Amarnath

Book Review:

I recently grabbed a book Victims for Sale by the author Nish Amarnath to read it. Victims for Sale is a gripping thriller that one should read for sure. The main character of this thriller is a journalist named Sandy Raman who discovered a human trafficking ring. She wanted to study Master’s programme in media governance. On her family insistence, she took the decision to live as a paying guest with the traditional Indian family. So, she lived with an Indian family Sawants. She found something suspicious about this family. One day she ran a sting operation at home. As the truth begins to unfold, she got to know about the sex racket.

Since, Nish is a journalist, so she has written this debut novel very well. While reading this book, I got introduced to the world of human trafficking and murder. The story is quite fast paced and is full of suspense. It is a great mystery book for your mind.

I completed this book in two sittings. I couldn’t stop myself while reading this. The entire story is quite interesting and it caught all my attention. It is a must read book for thriller lovers especially. The writing style of the author is mind blowing. I found this fiction book fantastic and wanted to recommend it to others too. I am looking forward to read more books from Nish.

My Rating: 4/5

About the Author:

Nish Amarnath debuted as an author at eighteen with The Voyage to Excellence, a critically acclaimed business biography. She has received awards for her short stories from Scholastic and Infosys, among others. Amarnath was managing editor at Euromoney Institutional Investor and a senior journalist at S&P Global, formerly McGraw Hill Financial, where she was nominated for the Alerian MLP Awards [AMMYS] in 2017. Her enterprise story, ‘Citi and its Scuffle with the Watchdogs’, originally a Master’s thesis for Columbia University reviewed by Sylvia Nasar, author of A Beautiful Mind, was published separately as a book in 2014. A former Londoner, she now lives in New York City.

The Adventures of Amber: Walk in the Woods by author Isabell Hayden

Book: The Adventures of Amber: Walk in the Woods

Author: Isabell Hayden

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“The Adventures of Amber: Walk in the Woods” written by the author Isabell Hayden and illustrated by Bekir Rıza Sahin is an amazing Children’s Book. Story features a young adventurous girl Amber who has a cute puppy Daisy. During summer, Amber visits her grandparents’ cottage and she enjoys taking an afternoon walk in the woods with her grandma and Daisy.

Read this book to find out yourself what all adventures they will have in the woods. Story is full of pretty illustrations. Writing style of author is nice. I read this book with my nephew. It made him excited to go on an adventure with his Grandma. This is such a lovely story that will be adored by kids who love adventures.

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The Adventures of Amber: Walk in the Woods

But First I Must Ask by author Rand Al Taie

Book: But First I Must Ask

Author: Rand Al Taie

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“But First I Must Ask” is a beautiful Children’s Book written by the author Rand Al Taie. Story is set in an Arabian city. Main character of the story is a smart and confident Beetle. She is beautiful and with a big heart. Beetle is so beautiful that man froze seeing her beauty.

Grab a copy of this book and find out what gonna happen when several bachelors expressed their interest in getting married to Beetle. Will anyone’s answer gonna impress her?

It’s a perfect story book for bedtime reading. Kids will surely be delighted to read this book. Cover of the book looks eye catchy and title couldn’t have been more appropriate. Storyline is interesting and I enjoyed reading this book.

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But First I Must Ask

She’s Brown Like Me by author Febrah Hall

Book: She’s Brown Like Me

Author: Febrah Hall

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“She’s Brown Like Me” is an inspiring children’s book which is written by Febrah Hall.

Story features Zhara whose father is in military due to which her family needs to frequently move from one town to another. Go through the story to know how difficult it is for Zhara to leave her old school and friends and then start a fresh life at new place. Give a quick read to the story to know how Zhara’s new teacher made her feel comfortable in her new school. Readers will also learn that in our life caste, color and creed doesn’t matter at all.

The story is visually appealing. It is fast paced and exciting. A wonderful story that I will surely share with my friends. Language of the book is easy so kids could understand it. I recommend this book strongly for little readers. I am definitely interested to read more books by the author.

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She’s Brown Like Me

Interview with author Rick Outzen

Book: Blood In The Water

Q1. Hello Sir, can you please introduce yourself? Readers would love to know more about you.

I’ve owned and published an alt-weekly newspaper, Inweekly, in Pensacola, Florida, since July 1, 1999. I’ve won awards for investigative reporting over the years, covering sensational murder cases, corruption, civil rights and the BP oil spill. I’ve been fortunate to be profiled by The New York Times and have been featured on Dateline NBC and the Investigation Discovery channel. I love Tito’s and soda, dive bars and swapping tales.

Q2. What were the key challenges you faced while writing ‘Blood In The Water’ book?

Carving time out for writing was the biggest challenge. Most of the writing was done early in the morning or late at night. I also had to take an event that actually took place, a jail explosion, and add fictional layers that would attract a reader. Researching the Ku Klux Klan and Dixie Mafia took time and deep dives into historical archives to pin down.

Q3. What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

I attended Ole Miss when John Grisham was in law school there and got to know his younger brother, Jimmy. “A Time to Kill” had a significant impact on me because I could picture the people and places in the book. Fellow Floridan Carl Hiaasen’s zany characters and storylines also impacted me. I wanted to do for Northwest Florida what he accomplished for Miami and the Keys. Another influential author is the late Dick Francis, whose books were brilliantly written in first person.

Q4. What’s your favorite spot to visit in your own country? And what makes it so special to you?

I enjoy New Orleans—its food, music, history and people. And it’s only a three-hour drive from Pensacola. There’s nothing better than jogging through the French Quarter on a foggy morning and stopping for coffee and beignets at Café Du Monde.

Q5. Is there lots to do before you drive in and start writing a book?

I’m not much for outlines, maybe because of my journalism background. I figure out how I want my characters to grow and develop in the book and what will be the primary catalyst that will bring about change in their lives. I only have a general idea of how I want it to end. Meanwhile, I’m constantly jotting down bits of dialogue I hear on the streets and in bars and stories that people share.

Q6. How long did it take you to write ‘City Of Grudges’ book?

A lifetime. No, it started as a series of short stories I wrote for my blog ten years ago. Friends suggested I write a book based on them. The first draft took six months. Editing and rewrites took another nine.

Q7. On what all platforms readers can find your books to buy?

Amazon is the best platform to find my books.

Q8. Tell us about the process of coming up with the cover and the title of your books?

“City of Grudges” started as simply “Grudges,” but my publisher, SelectBooks, thankfully pushed for something better. He also came up with the cover. I started with “Blood in the Water” for the second book, and it stuck. I probably should have spent more time on that title since I didn’t realize how many other authors have used it. A lesson learned.

Q9. When writing a book how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

My protagonist, Walker Holmes, is so imperfect that he is always throwing himself into new situations. Plus, Pensacola has a rich history that provides plenty of fodder for storytelling.

Q10. Are there any secrets from the book (that aren’t in the blurb), you can share with your readers?

Walker Holmes will never get the girl. Big Boy will.

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Blood In The Water

Onvoy: A Tale of Pain by author H.R. Smith

Book: Onvoy: A Tale of Pain

Author: H.R. Smith

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 4/5

Onvoy: A Tale of Pain written by the author H.R. Smith is a story involving zombies. A little boy Connor sees a mysterious man ranting inside his house. He ran to his parents and told his father Markus about the man. When Markus and Connor was dealing with the man, he escaped. Markus got injured, his wife Sarah insisted him to go to hospital. When they reached their destination, they got stuck with the presence of zombies. Connor lost his mom and dad. He has a challenge in front of him. Now, he has to deal with so many zombies. Phil asked Connor to help him in distracting zombies so they both could escape. Grab a copy of this book and find out yourself what happens next in the story.

This is a unique tale and I enjoyed reading it. Cover photo of the book is nice. Title is suitable. Pace of the story is fine and I didn’t feel bored anytime while reading this novel. Language of the book is lucid so one would be able to follow it easily. This is the debut book of the author but author has done great work in it and it doesn’t seem like a debut work. I enjoyed reading this story.

Book Is Available On Amazon

Onvoy: A Tale of Pain

Interview with author Lisa Olmstead

Book: Stinky Binky

Q1. All, please introduce yourself so that the readers will get to know you better.

Hi, I’m Lisa Olmstead. I’m a mother of four wonderful children, wife to Steve Olmstead for 34 years & Grandmaw to six amazing Grandbabies. I reside in Shawboro NC.

I’m Korey Olmstead, I am a stay at home mom of 2 and reside in Coinjock, NC with my amazing husband.

I’m Nicole Diaz, I am a mom of 2 wonderful children and reside in Elizabeth City, NC with my loving husband.

Q2. What is your inspiration behind your book “Stinky Binky”?

Korey’s daughter, Scarlett, had a tough time getting rid of her pacifier when she was younger. It would upset her greatly whenever she lost it. Lisa Olmstead came up with a silly rhyme to help her get through it. She would sing “Oh no, it can’t be so! Where did Stinky Binky go?” Nicole Diaz thought the rhyme and the missing pacifier could make for a good children’s story and made the suggestion to create a story about it!

Q3. When did you realize that you and your daughters want to be an author?

We never realized it until we turned our little joke about “Stinky Binky” into a serious consideration for a book!

Q4. Are you planning to write your next book soon?

We have a storyline for another book in the making!

Q5. For which age group your book “Stinky Binky” is suitable?

We think “Stinky Binky” is suitable for ages 0-7. It’s short, and is a simple rhyming story that relates to any young child who is growing out of the pacifier, or learning how to read.

Q6. What is your favorite Quote?

“Oh no! It can’t be so! Where did Stinky Binky go?” The quote that started it all!

Q7. How is life in North Carolina?

It’s great! Right now it’s summer time, so we enjoy going out on the boat, going to the beach and spending time with friends and family!

Q8. What suggestions all of you want to give to parents of little readers regarding a reading habit?

Do enough reading to make it a habit!

Q9. What does literary success look like to you?

Being able to reach an audience through our message and creativity!

Q10. How did you come up with the idea to do a family project?

Scarlett was the inspiration, and the love she had for her pacifier. Our mom came up with the limerick, and we all had a hand in writing the story. When it came time to think of an illustrator, Nicole’s husband suggested his brother, Hector Diaz, who is a talented artist in Idaho.

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Stinky Binky

Loving My Locs: A book about embracing your Locs by author Yo-Yo Johnson

Book: Loving My Locs: A book about embracing your Locs

Author: Yo-Yo Johnson

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“Loving My Locs: A book about embracing your Locs” is an amazing Children’s Book written by the author Yo-Yo Johnson. It is the first installment in the Keisha’s Self-Love and Happiness Series. Story features an African American young girl Keisha who loves her locs. Her family also has different and stylish locs and Keisha loves that.

But the students at school bully Keisha for her different locs. Grab a copy of this book and find out will Keisha be able to deal with those who bullies her? This is a wonderful story. Illustrations are nice and storyline is interesting. I enjoyed reading this book to my little nephew and he loved it. Overall, it’s a great book that parents could gift to their little ones.

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Book Is Available On Amazon

Loving My Locs: A book About Embracing Your Locs

If And Only If : Experience College In Her Running Shoes by author C.S. McKinney

Book: If And Only If : Experience College In Her Running Shoes

Author: C.S. McKinney

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“If and Only If: Experience College in Her Running Shoes” penned by the author C.S. McKinney is about the journey of a girl Sarah as she navigates through college life. I liked the way story began with Sarah getting ready for the first day of the semester Senior year. Her roommate Emily Marie
Ellis could run on a full stomach and beat most of the guys.

At college, Sarah has a crush on a guy Paul. This year, there is another guy Nigel who is new but quite a competitor for Paul. Sarah and Emily are leading the girl’s team. Paul and Nigel are leading the guys. Last year, the team missed to go to nationals by few points. So, this year, they have to get a spot at nationals.

I enjoyed reading about workout stuffs that author has mentioned within the story. For instance, doing warmup before running, stretching later, etc. Being a fitness enthusiast, I enjoyed every bit of this story and I highly appreciate the valuable knowledge that author has shared as part of this story.

Language of the book is lucid. I enjoyed reading about many situations in Sarah’s life. This book is full of different emotions and I loved Sarah’s character. This book took me down the memory lane to my college days. I like to recommend it to college students, other adults and especially to women as they would find more similarities with Sarah.

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Book Is Available On Amazon

If And Only If :Experience College In Her Running Shoes

The Night Of the Lights by author A. Elizabeth Orley

Book: The Night Of The Lights

Author: A. Elizabeth Orley

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“The Night of the Lights” is an amazing Children’s Book written and illustrated by A. Elizabeth Orley. Story features a little boy Sam who was eagerly waiting for adventure with his Grandma Gigi. When his Grandma finally picked him, they both went to Gigi’s house for an adventure. Gigi and Sam saw the beautiful lights in Gigi’s backyard.

Grab a copy of this adorable book and find out from where this light is coming? This is a well written Children’s Book that teaches beautiful and valuable lesson to little readers. Illustrations are eye catchy and I enjoyed every bit of this book. I am looking forward to read more books in the series Little Mind Books.

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Book Is Available On Amazon

The Night Of The Lights

Grooty Fledermaus Finds A Friend by author D L Kruse

Book: Grooty Fledermaus Finds A Friend

Author: D L Kruse

Available On: Amazon

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

“Grooty Fledermaus Finds A Friend” is an amazing Children’s Book written by the author D L Kruse. Story features a little girl Katie and a little kitten Grooty Fledermaus. They both are different from others of their kind. When Katie saw Grooty, she realized that Grooty trusts her. Katie knew that she has to protect Grooty. Grab a copy of this book and read it yourself to know more about their adventures together.

This book is suitable for kids of age group 4-8 years. This is the first installment in the seven book series. Story is amazing and kids would surely enjoy it. Pretty illustrations made the book eye catchy. Language of the book is lucid and kids will be easily able to understand this story.

Parents should gift this adorable book to their little ones. A fun-filled story that kids will enjoy at bedtime.

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Book Is Available On Amazon

Grooty Fledermaus Finds A Friend