Happiness is all we want by Ashutosh Mishra

Book: Happiness Is All We Want

Author: Ashutosh Mishra

My Rating: 4.5/5

Format: Paperback

Today, we are leading our lives in mindless pursuit, unable even to articulate what we are pursuing. We are unhappy even after achieving what we desire. Happiness is all we want! Author suggests that the source of peace and happiness is within us. The main purpose of this book is to tell us how we can find happiness within ourselves. Author has penned down many real life experiences of him. 

Author has covered different chapters for the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing. This is really a great self-help book that gives us tips to find the happiness. I really agree when author says we should value small moments of happiness every day. We should also keep some time daily for ourselves. The most important thing is gratitude. We should be Happy with and thankful for what we have today, while working to achieve more

I started reading this on friends recommendation and I couldn’t stop until I finished. It will help the readers to introspect their life and choices. It talks about Mind, Body and Soul and their well being.

The Next Door Raghu by Biju Vasudevan

Book: The Next Door Raghu

Author: Biju Vasudevan

Rating: 4.5/5

Format: Kindle

The cover of the book took me down the memory lane when I was a kid and used to read comic books. The story revolves around an ordinary child Raghu who lives in Rourkela, Odisha with his parents. He belongs to lower middle class family but wants to go to public school. Somehow he and his family managed to get Raghu into a public school. There he met a boy named Rahul. He made a gang with Rahul. 

Raghu has special powers that has been God gifted to him. He can talk with any birds or animals. Once he saved the entire city by using his special powers. He got famous in Odisha. You should definitely pick this one.

Book Review: Life In Different Colors by Pratik P Sharda

Book Review: Life in Different Colors

Author: Pratik P Sharda

My Rating: 4/5

Format: Kindle

Life In Different Colors is a collection of Short Stories. These stories are unique and even leave a long lasting impact on reader’s heart. This book shows that life is not what we just experience and people are not just what we see. There is more to people behind what they choose to show to others.

Out of these stories collection, my favorite story is “Love At First Sight“. I myself believe in the concept that “Love has no age limit“. This is really a nice and cute love story. In this Vasudev Sharma, an old man was sitting in the porch of his house with his best friend Sukhdev Verma. A truck came in front of their house followed by an auto. It was of their new neighbors. Vasudev’s eyes fell on a lady in old sixties who came out from the auto. Her name was Madhuvanti. Vasudev fell in love at first sight with her. She looked like the actress Saira Banu to him. 

One day Vasudev gathered the guts and asked Madhu ji, do you like me? Grab a copy of this book and read yourself whether Madhuvanti said yes or got frustrated. Each story will take not more than half an hour to finish it. The language of the book is lucid and one can read these stories in short breaks between work or while traveling also.

Book Review: Baby On Board by Sonia Sahijwani

Book: Baby on Board

Author: Sonia Sahijwani

Format: Paperback

My Rating: 4/5

Baby On Board is a non fiction Story. It is about an extraordinary pregnancy journey of the author herself. Sonia has shared her fears, doubts and the positive attitude in this book. Mother to be always depends on her mother or mother-in-law during pregnancy or post delivery but author has trusted her husband and involved her in her entire pregnancy journey. Through this book, author has highlighted how important it is for a men to be involved and take interest as a father to be. 

The book covers the pregnancy journey of the author. It covers what the couple has done before planning to conceive till the delivery of a healthy baby. The book has very well highlighted that it is important to have a healthy mind and body for a couple to bring a baby in this world. A couple should be well updated by reading and gaining knowledge about pregnancy. I agree with the author when she said that C-section is also normal. We should focus on the thing that mother and baby is healthy instead of focusing on whether a baby is born through normal delivery or C-section. 

This is a must read book. Well informative. Looking forward for more books from the author. 

Book Review: A Chase For Evermore by Alvin Joseph K

Book: A Chase For Evermore

Author: Alvin Joseph K

Format: Kindle

My Rating: 4.5/5

Language: English

I love to read romantic books that has a suspense too. A Chase For Evermore is a story about Young lovers Jerry and Hima who live in the same apartment complex. One such day on usual meet , this young couple come across Nila and Roy. Both the stories go side by side and are well built. Who and what is Evermore and why people are chasing Evermore? Grab a copy if this book to know how life of these two couples gets intertwined in this chase.

The characters are nicely built. The story has an interesting plot. This book has romance, suspense, thriller. The story is so gripping that I finished it in just two sitting. Unexpected twists in the story hooked me totally. The language is lucid. Really enjoyed reading this story. 

Book Review: The Cat Hunter by Krishna Ahir

Book: The Cat Hunter

Author: Krishna Ahir

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing 

Format: Kindle

My Rating: 4/5

I always used to read books based on romantic genre. This time, I wanted to try something different. So, I picked a thriller book. The Cat Hunter by the author Krishna Ahir is a mystery psychological thriller. There is multiple protagonist in the story but the two main characters are Christopher Douglas and Drake Gregory. Christopher is a student and Drake is a policeman. The story deals with their family life, work life and friend’s life.

The story is so gripping. The book is unputdownable. The twists and turns in the story are quite unexpected. The author has narrated the story very well. The language of the book is quite easy and I didn’t face any difficulty in reading it. This is a good book based on mystery. I got thrills while reading it. The thing that I liked the most about the book is its cover. The cat eyes are really attention catching.

A Life To Die For by Nilay Shah

Book: A Life To Die For

Author: Nilay Shah

Publisher: Zorba Books

Format: Paperback

Rating: 4/5

Book Blurb:

‘She doesn’t know who she is.’ The diverse voices emanating from all the corners of Kashwarg are blending into a consensus to create a tune never opined before, ‘Nor does she realize yet what her Baba has caused her to be a victim of.’ ‘But, she will.’ ‘One day, she will adopt this world now a stranger to her as hers.’ ‘The whole of Kashwarg will be the light on her path to her freedom.’ ‘Kashwarg will be ready to be at disagreement with anything there can be, if that is what is demanded of it in this quest to bring her justice.’ ‘But, what if time comes, when truth unveils itself and there remains nothing to fear but one’s own self? ‘Will Kashwarg be able to protect its stand at such dawn of darkness?’ Will you be able to protect your opinions from your own self?

Book Review:

A Life to Die For” by the author Nilay Shah is a psychopolitical thriller that explores this paradox of life and death. It leaves only one thing to be feared – our own selves. The story is based on the fictional representation of the place Kashmir, Kashwarg. The story starts when a man hands over a sixteen-year-old girl to the police. The girl was held hostage and she was sexually abused for many years by her own Baba. The girl seemed to have psychological effects. She has been brutally beaten and she is not in the condition to explain anything. She just wants to meet her ‘prince’ but nobody knows who this ‘prince’ is.

The people of Kashwarg united to get justice for this girl who’s later named as Preksha. They asked the government to arrest the culprit soon. In response to their demand, the government sets up a committee to investigate this case. The story also involves Aryaman Zafar’s adventures. Aryaman is a member of independent kashwarg Force.

Grab a copy of this book to unveil the suspense yourself. The narration of the book is amazing. The book is nicely written and the writing style of the author is mind blowing. Reading this book is such a nice experience.

Book Review: Dating Jia by Krupa Somani

Book: Dating Jia

Author: Krupa Somani

Publisher: Bluerose Publishers

My Rating: 4.5/5

Format: Paperback

Book Review:

Dating Jia is an interesting book by the author Krupa Somani who is a believer in love. The story is about a young girl named Jia who is very work centric. She had a breakup with her boyfriend two years ago. She wanted to find someone who would adore her a lot. So she downloaded the dating app with a hope to find a good guy. I really liked the quote used by author in the book “If you want to get over a man, get under another.

But her fate has some other plans. She was hit by Aryan’s car. Aryan took her to the hospital and cared for Jia there until she recovers. Both Aryan and Jia started to develop feelings for each other about which they were unsure. Grab a copy of this book and read to know whether they will realize that they love each other or Jia finds someone through a dating app. Read this beautiful story to unveil the suspense yourself.

The plot of the story is well constructed. The title and cover page of the book is well related to the content of the story. I finished this book in just 1 sitting. A great book on dating, love, breakup, etc that you would love for sure.

About the Author:
The author is a believer in love, with quite an interesting young perspective. She takes a witty outlook in the new age world, dating experiences around for her friends to laugh and reflect. With a comic flair in her writing and detailing, she is the perfect mouth piece of today’s young women.

Book Review: Charioteer Creatures in Mind

Book: Charioteer Creatures in Mind

Author: Abhishek Mishra

Publisher: Maple Press

My Rating: 5/5

Format: Paperback

Book Review:

I love to read thriller stories. This book was a great choice I must say. The protagonist of the story is Vikram Saha. He is an agent with the Indian intelligence. A research centre has been carrying out some covert research. Human specimens have been used for these tests. The people subjected to these tests have now acquired a mental illness. There was evidence that these patients were subjected to hypnosis and telepathy. When Vikram finds evidence that deep inside the headquarters of the Indian intelligence service, experiments that tap into the minds of others are being carried out, he decides to find the truth.

The writing style of the author has impressed me the most. The characters are built very well. The book was so gripping that I finished it in just two sittings. The language of the book is lucid. The climax of the book is great and made it worth my read. A great book based on mystery, thriller, crime and suspense. Strongly recommend it to everyone.

About the Author

Abhishek Mishra is from Delhi and is pursuing an M.Sc. (GIS and Remote Sensing) from   Amity University.   He loves to read books and write. For Abhishek, writing is fun and adventurous. He believes that there is no greater weapon than our imagination and he plans to wield his imagination well.

Book Review: That Thing About You by Abhaidev

Book: That Thing About You

Author: Abhaidev

Publisher: Write India Publishers

Format: Paperback

My Rating: 4/5

Book Review:

From a long time, I was looking for a book based on the path of self-discovery. ‘That Thing About You’ by the author Abhaidev is an uncommon story of a common man rejected in love. The protagonist of the story is Subodh, a regular IT employee. Everyone thinks Subodh as an immature man but he didn’t care at all. He got bothered when his love rejected him for same reason. He always stays confused about everything.

One day he went on team outing. He found a new friend that has answers for everything. His new friend is like a ray of hope. Read the story to know who this new friend is? How this friend changed Subodh’s life?

The narration of the story is amazing. The characters are well developed. The language of the book is lucid thereby making it easier to understand. The plot of the story is unique. By looking at the cover, one would think that it is a love story but it is not exactly that. It slowly makes sense towards the end what it actually means. An interesting story to read.

About the Author:

Abhaidev is the pen name of Mayank Chandna, an MDI Gurgaon alumnus. After working for a while in an investment bank,
he took the plunge and quit that boring job of his to venture into the exciting world of writing, something he always wanted to do.
His penchant for continental philosophy and craze for progressive house music has nettled his simple parents. He is an avid reader and devours classics and science books.