Stuck (In Time) by Dave Johnson

Book: Stuck (In Time)

Author: Dave Johnson

Language: English

Rating: 5/5

I love reading Science Fantasy that involves time travel. Stuck (In Time) is a mix of Sci-fi and history. The protagonist of the story are three kids: James, Robert and Lucy. During their Easter holiday, they went to their Uncle Archie in Cambridge.

One night James found that he is invincible. He told his brother Robert about it but Robert pushed him away thinking that James must be playing a prank on him. In the morning, James told his siblings that he is not kidding and he is seriously invisible.

Kids thought that they will tell about this only to Uncle Archie. They went to his secret office in search of him but to their surprise they saw a time machine. They cracked key codes and found that Uncle Archie has travelled to the past in 1940s and stuck there now. Will the siblings be able to save their Uncle Archie and their brother?

This is the first book in the Stuck Series. With an intriguing story, I can’t put the book down until I finish it. There are so many mysteries to be solved and this would be a perfect pick by children and YA for an enjoyable read. I recommend this book to Sci-fi lovers.

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The Threat Below by J.S. Latshaw

Book: The Threat Below

Author: J.S. Latshaw

Format: Paperback

Rating: 4.5/5

The Threat Below is a YA fantasy novel by the author J.S. Latshaw. The protagonist of the story is Icelyn Brathius, daughter of the head of the Mountain Top. Her relationship with her childhood bestie Adorane Hailgard was much more than just friendship. One day, they both went beyond the wall but whatever they witnessed there, made them to run back to the mountaintop.

Things started to turn upside down when the people of Mountaintop found the water contaminated. What they will do now to survive? The way storyline is built up is highly impressive. The twists and turns in the story made it more interesting. It was a long read so I finished it in multiple sittings but it is definitely worth my time.

Highly recommended for apocalyptic dystopian fans. The title of the book is apt and is well related to the story. Gonna pick the next book “A Gallery Of Mothers”.

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The Threat Below (Brathius Legacy Series Book 1)

Traveller Inceptio by Rob Shackleford

Traveller Inceptio is a mind blowing time travel novel that revolves around the concept of accidental discovery of a time machine i.e. Transporter. Upon its discovery, travellers were given the needed training to go 1000 years back in time to Saxon England. The way travellers discovered that they need more than technology to survive the trials of early 11th-century life was gripping.

Traveller Inceptio is different as compared to other normal time travel reads. The twists and turns will hook you to the story more. It is not only just about time travelling but it has history added to it.

The plot and the story moving back and forth made it interesting. The character development is strong. Phil and Yeti played a great role especially about their involvement with the time machine. The last few pages are really interesting. Pace of the novel was fast enough to hook the readers.. Overall it was an interesting read that one should pick up surely.

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Traveller Inceptio

Forever Eve by JB Lexington

Book: Forever Eve

Author: JB Lexington

Format: Kindle

Rating: 4.5/5

Forever Eve by the author JB Lexington is a romance novel. The main character of the story is Izabel. Her dreams for marriage are quite similar to dreams of any other girl. She married her boyfriend Bo but her marriage didn’t turned out to be a happy one. The therapy sessions helped her a lot. Read the story to know how Izabel deal with her bad marriage. 

Izabel’s character is my favorite. Her friend Natalie Spencer’s character is also amazing. Their true friendship reminded me of my best friend. The story is intriguing and I couldn’t put this book down without finishing it. A bad marriage is definitely much stressful.

It was a short and quick read. I enjoyed reading it but some sections when Izabel was being abused were heart breaking for me. This is a great debut work by the author and I recommend this to my fellow readers.

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Forever Eve

The Light Within You by Gemma Smith

Book: The Light Within You

Author: Gemma Smith

Format: Kindle

Rating: 4.5/5

The Light Within You by the author Gemma Smith is a self help book that will motivate the readers so they can be the best version of themselves.

According to this book, it tells us that we have a light inside us. This light can transform our life if we use it properly. Book is a collection of different chapters that will motivate us to work to get whatever we deserve. This book tells us that we shouldn’t worry about things like failure, stucking somewhere as all these make us to learn something so we can reach our destiny.

I really loved this quote by the author:-Each of us has a story to tell and the world deserves to hear it. Become the author of your own life.

We should gain clarity on what we want. It is not that difficult. Various quotes in the book are so inspiring. I will act upon below line for sure: You may have created your own limitations but now it is about time you created your own possibilities.

The book is inspiring and well written. I recommend this to all those who like to grow and achieve their goals in life.

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The Light Within You: Discover the power you’ve always had

Awaken The Three by D.L. Jennings

Book: Awaken The Three

Author: D.L. Jennings

Format: Kindle

Pages: 546

Rating: 4.5/5

Awaken The Three is an epic story and it is the sequel of ‘Gift of the Shaper’. It is Book 2 in the HIGHGLADE Series.

The story features Aldis Tennech of Khala Val’ur. Aldis Tennech was once the general of all the armies of Gal’dorok. He is the “Dagger of Derenar and the Caller of Gwarái”. He is a man that always has a plan. He finds himself in exile. His hope of reclaiming glory is in the hands of self-proclaimed emperor and unearthly powers.

It is a story of war, chaos, drama, suspense, thrill, etc. The twists and turns in the story makes it more interesting. The glossary given at the end of the book was really helpful. The story however felt a little stretched. The map given at the beginning will give you the idea of the places that are there in the story.

I recommend fantasy lovers to pick this pick. It will amaze you undoubtedly.

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Awaken the Three: Book Two of the HIGHGLADE Series

Lillian’s Cowboy by Christine Clinton

Book: Lillian’s Cowboy

Author: Christine Clinton

Format: Kindle

Rating: 4.5/5

Lillian’s Cowboy by the author Christine Clinton is a love story. It is the first book in the Guthrie Sister Series. The protagonist of the story is an orphan Lillian who left her orphanage The story st May 1895.

The story starts with Lillian Rogers leaving the orphanage in Guthrie, Oklahoma because she has reached the legal age of eighteen. So, she had to be on her own now into the real world. When she saw the oak tree, it reminded her of her childhood. Annabel, Rebekah and Lillian made the pact twelve years ago by standing under the oak tree to be sisters forever and to remain together. But now, Lillian was moving from the orphanage without her sisters. Lillian got a job at one of the sisters orphanages in New York.

 Another main character is Clint. He is the same man that lent handkerchief to Lillian when she was crying at the station. When Client went to Sheriff’s office, he saw the missing person poster and suddenly recognized the girl he saw weeks earlier. Lillian met Clint Davis when he was to pick the housekeeper who applied for the job. Lillian found that she has applied for the job at Clint’s place. What gonna happen further in the story? Will they fell in love?

Grab a copy of this book and read this interesting story. The narration was so smooth, it felt like I was watching a movie. This was a short read and I was able to finish it in a single sitting. I definitely recommend this to those who love to read love stories.

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Lillian’s Cowboy (Guthrie Sister Series Book 1)

Gift of the Shaper by D.L. Jennings

Book: Gift Of the Shaper

Author: D.L. Jennings

Format: Kindle

Rating: 4.5/5

Gift of the Shaper is the first book in the HIGHGLADE series written by the author D.L. Jennings. It is the debut work of the author.

The main characters are Olson, his son Thornton Woods and Thornton’s childhood friend Miera. Olson got kidnapped. Thornton and Miera went in search for Olson. Ynara and Kethras joined them on the way to help Thornton in finding Olson. This adventurous journey to find Olson is not that easy. Grab a copy of this book and read the story to know will Thornton be successful in getting his father back.

 With fifty six chapters in total, it was a long read but definitely worth my time. Story has action, mystery, adventures that makes it an enjoyable read. The world building is amazing.

The storyline is so intriguing that I binge read it. The character development is amazing. 
I recommend this book to my fellow readers for a fantasy adventurous reading. It is a fast paced and action packed story.

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Gift of the Shaper: Book One of the HIGHGLADE Series

Chosen One by Marc Richmond.

Book: Chosen One

Author: Marc Richmond

Format: Kindle

Rating: 5/5

The ‘Chosen One’ is a debut novel of the author Marc Richmond. It is the first book in the Demon War Saga. The main characters of the story are Tidus Davis and Jasmine Jones.

Tidus Davis, a guy from Jacksonville, Florida has come to Mount Holly, North Carolina to study at Knollwood University. He was in his freshman and was not quite comfortable in the campus initially as he thought he doesn’t fit in any group. 

Jasmine Jones was her classmate and the most beautiful girl Tidus has ever seen. She was the ex of SGA President of the school Brandon Smith. Soon, we see Tidus and Jasmine becoming friends and Jasmine helping Tidus at many occasions. This is a wonderful story written around a college campus. Read the story to know what the title means.

With eighteen chapters in total, the book was a bit lengthy but it was worth my time. The books ends on a very surprising note and I am eager to read the sequel. The plot is intriguing and I wasn’t able to put this book down until I finished it.

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Chosen One

Reflections Of A Mind by Gurmeet Singh

Book: Reflections Of A Mind

Author: Gurmeet Singh

Genre: Poetry

Format: Kindle

Rating: 4/5

Reflections Of A Mind by the author Gurmeet Singh is a poetry book. These poems are based on mixed feelings that we go through many times in our life. I find most of the poems much relatable. 

Each poem has a date written below it that indicates the date when it was actually written. The poems are based on love, failure, success, faith, dreams, life, hardwork, jealousy, etc.

“The Secret Passage” and “Promise Not To Fall” are my favorites among the collection.

It is a short read and I enjoyed reading it with an evening cup of tea while sitting on my front porch. The cover of the book looks amazing. Would like to recommend this to poetry lovers for a light hearted read.

I would recommend this to all poetry lovers.

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Reflections Of A Mind