A is for Ambition by Antonio Hunter

Book: A is for Ambition

Author: Antonio Hunter

Illustrated By: Ashleigh Sharmaine

Rating: 4.5/5

A is for Ambition is a children’s book written by the author Antonio Hunter and illustrated by Ashleigh Sharmaine.

A is for Ambition, B is for Believe, C is for Confidence, etc. Read this book that revolves around how to work hard and where to put our energy to fulfill our dreams and be successful.

This book is recommended for those who feel lost, trapped and frustrated because they don’t find any motivation in life. They just have to keep working hard and believe in their dreams, one day they will definitely come true.

I would say this book is not just for kids. Even adults need to know this ABCD of dreams and work accordingly. The illustrations are colorful and eye catchy. I loved this book overall. However, the title of the book could have been something else like ABC of Dreamers or ABC of Achievers. A must read!!

A is for Ambition

My Name is Kayla by Alison Woods

Book: My Name is Kayla

Author: Alison Woods

Illustrated By: Ayanda Dorsey

Rating: 4.5/5

It is the story of a newborn who has just entered this world.

She can cry.She can nurse.She can pee.She can poop.

Kayla soon starts to recognise her Mom with two eyes and white squares. After sometime, she learns her name Kayla. Her parents are glad to have her in their world. Kayla has hair on her little head.

This is a story that is inspired by real Kayla in author’s life. Cover of the book looks eye catchy and will attract children’s interest immediately. With total 40 pages in total, kids can finish it quickly. This story book made me nostalgic and reminded me of the time when my nephew was born. I recommend this story book to little kiddos.

Author: Alison Woods

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alisonwoodswrites/

CJ’s Big Project by C.J. Watson

Book: CJ’s Big Project

Author: C.J. Watson

Illustrated By: Cameron Wilson

Rating: 5/5

CJ’s Big Project is a children’s book written by the author C.J. Watson. The main character of the story is a school boy CJ.

CJ got bad grade in science project. So, his teacher Mrs Anderson told him that he can’t play the next match if he doesn’t do well in the next chance of science project. His basketball coach advised him to “Be confident like I am on the court”. In the school bus CJ’s friend Tim told him that he can make a project relating basketball to science.

Grab a copy of this book to know will CJ be able to do well in the next chance for science project?

The story is nice and written well. It will motivate kids to be confident so they can do well in exams or projects. Illustrations are beautiful and made the story more interesting. Overall, it was a wonderful read and I enjoyed it.

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CJ’s Big Project

Zoe-Marie Wait and See by Beverly Harris

Book: Zoe-Marie Wait and See

Author: Beverly Harris

Illustrated By: Natasha Hamuene

Rating: 4.5/5

Zoe-Marie Wait and See is a story about moving and change written by the author Beverly Harris. It is a story of a military kid Zoe-Marie.

Zoe-Marie’s family and her friends lived on Timothy Street. Zoe-Marie is in the same school as her neighborhood friends Emma, Kate and Matt. They were like the four pieces in a pod.

Soon, summer was about to over and Zoe-Marie family have to move to Italy because Zoe-Marie’s mamma was a soldier in the army and her mamma got a new job. But Zoe-Marie wasn’t happy at all because she don’t want to leave her old friends behind. Grab a copy of this book and get to know the entire story of Zoe-Marie.

This is a well written story with beautiful illustrations. It gives a wonderful message to the kids that we don’t have to be afraid of change as it can work out fine. It was a nice read and I recommend this book to children. They will definitely enjoy this story of Zoe-Marie.

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Zoe-Marie Wait and See: A Story About Moving and Change

My Big Curly Fro by Alyssa McClelland

Book: My Big Curly Fro

Author: Alyssa McClelland

Format: Kindle

Rating: 5/5

My Big Curly Fro is a children’s book by the author Alyssa McClelland. This is a story of a little girl Alyssa. who has quite different hair as compared to others. Due to her curly fro, she gets tensed because some of her classmates make fun of it.

Today is a picture day in school and Alyssa has no time to comb her hair properly. After reaching school, she met a new classmate Amyah. She told Amyah that she want Silky Soft hair like Ella. To this, Amyah came up with an interesting plan so Alyssa can have a good picture. Read the story to know what is the plan of Amyah and will Alyssa finally be happy with her hair?

This is a wonderful story book with intriguing story. The language is simple so kids can understand it easily. Illustrations are really bright and colourful. I loved this book and I strongly recommend this to kids especially girls.

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My Big Curly Fro

Zoé’s Beach Day by Dominique N.M. Smith

Book: Zoé’s Beach Day

Author: Dominique N.M. Smith

Illustrated By: Özlem Aksöz

Rating: 5/5

Zoé’s Beach Day is a children’s book by the author Dominique N.M. Smith. It is the first book in Puppet Tales: A Bahamian Series. It is for children of age group 3-10 years.

This is a story of Zoe, a little girl living on a beautiful island of Grand Bahama. Zoe went to an island with her mamma Ava and puppet Candace. When they reached the beach, there was litter everywhere which immediately made Zoe sad. Read the story yourself to know how the puppet Candace became the savior and helped Zoe to enjoy her day at the beach.

 The book is written well and the illustrations give all beach feeling. Glossary given at the end of the book will help kids. The book is giving a strong message to kids to keep the environment clean and to not litter around.

I really love books that teaches some lesson to kids as they can learn something while having fun. This book deserves no less than five stars.

Author: Dominique N.M. Smith

Book Is Available On Amazon

Zoé’s Beach Day (Puppet Tales: A Bahamian Series Book 1)

CJ’s Big Dream by C.J. Watson

Book: CJ’s Big Dream

Author: C.J. Watson

Illustrated By: Cameron Wilson

Rating: 5/5

CJ’s Big Dream is a children’s book and it is a story by C.J. Watson. The protagonist of the story is a little boy CJ. His dream is set on the NBA. He has a basketball match today and he wore his lucky socks that makes him win everytime.

He went to his new school for a basketball match after the school. His parents were also there to cheer him up. While playing, CJ remembered an advice from the coach: “Don’t think about how far the basket is. Just show me how powerful those arms are. Focus on your strength”. 

Whatever coach said to CJ, will it help him to win the game? Will his lucky socks will make him lucky? Read this book to know the entire story.

In reality, Depending on lucky socks may not always work. So, we should focus on working hard for our dreams. 

Main aim of the book is to inspire kids to achieve their goals. Illustrations are colorful and makes the story eye catchy. Overall it was a nice read.

About C.J. Watson

C.J. Watson was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a graduate of The University of Tennessee with a degree in Psychology. C.J. Watson’s basketball career has allowed him to play for some of the best teams in NBA history. While his professional basketball experience is impressive, his skills go far beyond the basketball court.

Philanthropy has been at the center of Watson’s career since he developed a scholarship fund. The fund honors his late grandmother, Mary L. Watson, and helps to support students studying education. Adding on to his Philanthropy career, Watson also started the Quiet Storm Foundation in his hometown of Las Vegas. The foundation was implemented in order to foster learning opportunities such as social skills development, and health and fitness activities to help the youth grow and achieve their goals in his community.

In addition to his non-profits, Watson has developed a children’s book series named CJ’s Big Dream. With this series he hopes to inspire young kids to chase their dreams and work hard for what they want. For more information go to http://www.cjpens.com

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CJ’s Big Dream

Dr Alexis will see you now by Sonia Abonie and Eleonore Adzoh

Dr Alexis will see you now is a children’s book written by 2 authors – Sonia Abonie and Eleonore Adzoh. The story has two main characters Dr Alexis and Mr Patient. The story starts with Mr Patient being scared because it is the first time that he is in doctor’s clinic. When Dr Alexis heard someone crying, she went to the waiting room and told Mr Patient that going to the doctor can be an adventure.

Read this amazing story to know yourself how Dr Alexis helped Mr Patient to overcome the fear of visiting a doctor. The Narration of the story is smooth and the story is well written

The only criticism I have is that illustrations are not giving the doctor’s clinic feeling that much. The waiting room is not looking like one at all. Apart from that, I enjoyed reading this book and it reminded me of my childhood when I was afraid to go to doctor for the vaccinations. But the good memory is the candies that Dad used to get me on the way back to home.

Book Name: Dr Alexis will see you now

Little Hibby and his ABC’s by Marquise Hibbler SR

Book: Little Hibby and his ABC’s

Author: Marquise Hibbler SR

Illustrated by: John-Mark McLeod

Rating: 4.5/5

Little Hibby and his ABCs is a children’s book by the author Marquise Hibbler SR. The protagonist of the story is a little boy named Hibby. He has a teddy bear MJ who taught him ABCs in a magical way.

The main aim of this book is to teach ABCD to children and also make black kids aware about their African American History.

This will be an adventurous read for children. Parents kids should sit together while reading this book as kids may have many questions about the African American history and their parents can clarify their doubts. Illustrations are wonderful but the text font could have been something else.

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Little Hibby and His ABC’s

I am not being lazy, I just don’t understand by Gina Paul

Book: I am not being lazy, I just don’t understand

Author: Gina Paul

Illustrated By: DG

Rating: 5/5

I am not being lazy, I just don’t understand is a children’s book by the author Gina Paul and illustrated by DG. This is a story of Georgette who moved to the new country New York with her family and got admitted in 5th grade in the school there. The problem is that nobody speaks her native language of Haitian Creole here.

Georgette doesn’t understand English and others don’t understand her native language. So, she was all lonely at her new school. Only her teacher Mrs Levy was able to communicate with her through some gestures. Lunch time was tough as initially Georgette doesn’t know how the food will taste and she has to eat alone.

In the classroom, she overheard students calling “She is being lazy” and pointing to her. On reaching home, Georgette asked her mother what does it mean. She was shocked to know about the meaning.

Read this interesting story to know will Georgette be able to make friends? Will she understand English?

This is an intriguing story with nice Illustrations. The narration of the story is clear and smooth. Language is simple so kids will be able to understand it easily. Discussion questions at the end of the story is a fun exercise. I enjoyed reading this story of Georgette and recommend this to kids.

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I am not being lazy, I just don’t understand